Sky on 57 @ Marina Bay Sands

One of the seven Celebrity Chef Restaurants at Marina Bay Sands is Sky on 57, located at a prime spot, at the very top of the building. A brainchild of Chef Justin Quek, the first Singaporean appointed as personal chef of the French Embassy, Sky on 57 features a modern interpretation of Franco Asian cuisine. Diners will find various familiar local flavours incorporated into the dishes here, but with the finest ingredients used. Please take note that for dinner, diners must spend a minimum of $100 nett per head, which is not a challenge to reach at all considering the prices of the dishes here.

Entrance to Sky on 57.

Very classy decor with floor to ceiling glass windows. If you want to have a full view of the scenery, opt for window seats or even al-fresco.

Skyline of Singapore in the background.

Bread Basket – There were four types of breads in total, including the more interesting ones like Tomatoes and Herbs and Parmesan, which were both my choice. I especially loved the Parmesan bread as it was extremely soft and fluffy – pretty rare of cheesy breads I would say. We were given two cubes of butter each, one salted and one unsalted.

JY’s Signature Mushroom Cappuccino ($18) – Drinking soup out of a teacup was a first for me and the soup was incrredibly smooth. There were hints of truffle and and the taste of mushroom was extremely rich despite not having any mushroom bits. It was like drinking a mushroom-infused cappuccino indeed, foam on top. A must-try, though I found the cracker on the side really odd!   

Baked Black Cod Miso w Spring Vegetables, Organic Greens, Lime and Ginger Butter ($52) – I’m glad how this was not served in the usual French-cuisine portion but large and hearty. The cod was baked to perfection with the texture consistent both on the outside and within the cod. I love having black cods as the meat is more firm and packed. The entire dish felt very clean and fresh on the palette as the gravy was not rich in cream. Very enjoyable!  

Wok Fried Whole Maine Lobster in Asian Pepper Sauce ($75) – A rendition of the famous Black Pepper Crab! The lobster was succulent, meaty and in my opinion, very flavourful. The black pepper sauce may not be as overwhelming and as spicy as the ones you’ll find with crabs but it was appropriate with lobsters, in order to retain their natural flavours. The sides of asparagus, potatoes and pumpkin puree were great too (especially the pumpkin puree)! 

Our Symphony of Desserts ($28) – Chocolate lovers will enjoy this dessert that played on textures while using dark, rich, bitter chocolate in the three items presented. The one with a piece of gold flake was very interesting – it had a texture similar to that of sponge – tight, airy and soft at the same time. The chocolate mousse was good but the most outstanding one was the lava cake! Warm, gooey and rich; how sinful can it get? Right in the middle was a dallop of calamansi sobert to wash down the intense flavours, as well as some berries. Both my mum and I were impressed by this Symphony (Composer: Chef Justin Quek).

Chrysanthemum Flower Sorbet w Cane Sugar and Ginger Gelée, Dried Longans, Tapioca Pearls ($20) – I had no idea what to expect when I was ordering this and it turned out to be a reinterpretation of our local Cheng Tng – having them in soft jelly rather than in liquid! What I love most about this dessert is the Chrysanthemum Sobert, which was nothing like I’ve ever eaten before, yet went very well with Chef JQ’s cheng tng since both elements were meant to be “cooling”. When I taste something unique and unexpected, it creates a real ‘wow’ factor in me and the dish becomes really memorable. I just wished that they serve the sobert bigger or even by itself!   

Being greeted by bright lights below when you leave Sky on 57.

My experience at Sky on 57 was a wonderful one though I wouldn’t say I was thoroughly impressed by it. The thought of having to hit at least $100 nett per head at the back of my head made ordering a stressful process. By the end of the meal, my table of 2 was still a little off from a total of $200 nett, so we ordered Chamomile tea, which turned out to be $8 per teacup. Yes, teacup. No refills. Service was average but serving time was quick. I would say save this restaurant for a very special occasion or just pop open a bottle of wine, just to hit the bill. 

Sky on 57
Level 57, Marina Bay Sands 
Skypark Tower 1
10 Bayfront Avenue
Tel: 6688 8857


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