Kupetzeliseevs Coffeeshop (Part 2) @ St. Petersburg [Russia Trip]

The second part to the gorgeous Kupetzeliseevs Coffeeshop (read Part I) is all about cakes, macarons, eclairs and more sweets! Diners get to sit right in the middle of the ‘marketplace’, under the pineapple tree (see first photo – yes, literally)! There is live Classical music at certain times of the day and an automated piano will take its place during other times. Needless to say, the entire atmosphere was nothing less than magical. The opulent design of the coffeeshop is fit for even the Russia Royalty no doubt.
p.s.: prices are based on estimated exchange rate of S$1 = 25 Roubles.

Just some flowers for your admiration.

Slabs of nougats!

I have a feeling that they’re just pretty to look at.

Now, now, these are some things that I would love!

Mindboggling flavours of multi-coloured macarons and there’re two sizes to choose from!

Eclair clones I call these – how do they even look so identical and flawless?

Strawberry Cake (190rb/$7.60) -Don’t you agree that this is one of the prettiest strawberry cake? So much details had been put into a slice of cake and there was even a tiny piece of gold flake! Its taste was no less amazing too! Unlike strawberry shortcakes, there was little sponge in this other than the base but the layers of mousse/cream are so delicate and bursting with vanilla flavours that you won’t get sick after finishing the entire slice. There was just a right amount of stawberry jelly in between as well. Very delicate indeed!

Total Mango Cake (190rb/$7.60) – Another tastebud-pleasing cake here! The moment we sent this into our mouth, it was like “wow, are eating the real mango itself?”. The flavour of mangoes was so fresh and reivigorating, it was truly the best mango cake I’ve eaten. I have no idea how this was achieved even without any fresh mango slices within. A must-order at Kupetzeliseevs!

Blackcurrant Eclair (130rb/$5.20) – A gorgeous-looking eclair that was sadly, too sweet for my liking.
Lemon Tart (190rb/$7.60) – This, too, was way too sweet for me. However, I really appreciate the thoughts given to the whole outlook of the dessert; just look at those gold-specked chocolate flakes!

Pinapple Macaron & Mint Macaron (50rb/$2) – I just had to order the pineapple macaron since I was sitting under a pineapple tree, but maybe I just won’t order it again as macarons are too sweet to be meant for pineapple flavours. The mint one was nice though!

The desserts at Kupetzeliseevs are so photo-worthy and most importantly, the prices are very affordable taking into account the ambience and quality. I’d highly recommend Kupetzeliseevs – a food and dessert paradise, if you’re in St. Petersburg!  


56 Nevsky Prospekt, St. Petersburg, Russia
Opposite the Statue of Catherine the Great


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