Kupetzeliseevs Restaurant (Part 1) @ St. Petersburg [Russia Trip]

Amazing, gorgeous, magnificent – this is an understatement to what I was seeing upon entering the beautiful facade. It reminded me of London’s Harrods, but more opulent. Rows of desserts and macarons lined the long counter facing the entrance and walking further in, there were dedicated counters to meats, caviars and more sweets! It was almost like Charlie walking into the Wonka’s Chocolate Factory as every corner was fascinating and you just want to absorb everything in at the same time. Kupetzeliseevs is in fact a restaurant-cafe housed in the basement and first floors of a theatre respectively.
p.s.: prices are based on estimated exchange rate of S$1 = 25 Roubles.

Huge selection of cured meats and legs of ham hanging in the background.

An aquarium of oysters right in the middle of the ‘marketplace’ – I was really intrigued by it as the aquarium had this alien-like glow to it, incubating the live oysters within. Also, the oysters are the largest I’ve ever seen.

Stairway to the basement of the restaurant which serves proper full meals. The first level serves only desserts and teas.

A contrast from one floor above, I felt as though I was in a cosy cottage, with vintage-looking wallpapers and floor tiles, and soft, plushy armchairs available for everyone.

Overdose of charm!

Salt & pepper and napkin holder.

Mozzarella & Tomatoes Sobert (430rb/$17.20) – This was the most memorable dish of the meal as the mozzarella was amazing and the drizzle of balsamic complemented it perfectly. The tomato salad in the centre had a very nice pesto dressing to it, which really, elevated the sweetness of the cherry tomatoes further. The most innovative aspect of the usual Caprese Salad was the tomato sobert. It was extremely icy, with a subtle flavour of the tomatoes and a genius combination when paired with the cheese.

Parma & Coppa w Lettuce & Fresh Melon (600rb/$24) – The melon was extremely sweet and sliced as thinly as the meats. Also, just for your information, Russia has really good pickled olives!

Wild Oyster of the Busse Gulf (800rb/$32) – Where else could you get oysters as big and fresh but at Kupetzeliseevs? A must-try over here!

Halibut Fillet w Vegetables Gratin & Cuttlefish Ink Sauce (760rb/$30.40) – I’ve seen enough cooking shows on TLC and AFC to know how difficult it is to achieve a perfectly-cooked halibut. The skin must be crispy while the fish meat tender. Let’s just say that I was very satisfied with what I was served. As for the vegetables gratin, I felt that it could be served as a main course, mainly because it’s a pity to only serve it as a side dish. Very well cooked, the fragrance of baked cheese penetrated through the layers of brinjals and tomatoes, which were nice and mushy!

Chicken Cutlet w Mushroom Sauce (520rb/$20.80) – We were puzzled when this dish was served as we expected slices of chicken instead of chicken patties. Nonetheless, it was still delicious. What I loved about this dish was the mashed potato. The smoothest I’ve had, it was extremely velvety and soft and any softer, it’d have become liquid potatoes. The addition of fresh dill tips was a nice touch too.

I’d love to go back to Kutpetzeliseevs if I were ever back in St. Petersburg simply due to its amazing food, rather affordable prices and its more phenomenal ambience and interiors. In my second entry on Kupetzeliseevs, I’ll be featuring the prettiest cakes that we’ve tried at the cafe on first level, so do stay tuned!

56 Nevsky Prospekt, St. Petersburg, Russia
Opposite the Statue of Catherine the Great


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