Maple & Market @ Cassia Crescent

I’ve read Sarah’s blog in the past and drooled over all her wonderful cakes and pastries from behind my laptop screen. For my birthday last year, I tried getting a cake from her but to no avail (yes, she’s very popular). The good news is, she has opened up her very own bakery shop near me! Just 2 months old, Maple & Market has gained lots of great reviews and shot to fame overnight. The old, monotonous neighbourhood is suddenly injected with youthful vibes and lots of sugar. Indeed, the cafe is everything I wanted of if I ever opened one of my own (but nah, I don’t bake).

Rustic charms oozing from every corner of the bakery.

Whimsical stripy and polka-dotted merchandises that I can’t take my eyes off from! Oh Happy Day indeed!

Brought home a unique cupcake flavour of Maple & Bacon ($3.50)! I didn’t eat it but should be worth the try!

Attractive cake loaves of yummy flavours! I brought home a slice of Earl Grey Lemon Loaf ($2.80) as well and it was delicious! The earl grey fragrance was strong and that is all I ask for in tea cakes.

Freshly-made whole cakes.

More cakes!!

Chocolate Cake ($5.50) – I felt that this was rather mediocre as it didn’t have an impactful, bitter dark chocolatey taste as its looks promised. However, the texture of the cream was good. I have a feeling that the Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake would have been a better choice. Try it and let me know?

Blossom Cake [Raspberry, Rose & Pistachio] ($5.50) – My friend and I both enjoyed this! The cream and cake was very soft with a strong hint of rosewater. There is raspberry jam/puree in between the layers which gave it some tartness.

Strawberry Green Tea ($3.80)
Iced Mocha ($5) – Great caffeine kick on a hot day, but I was disappointed at how it came in a plastic-takeaway cup, which in my opinion, derailed from an otherwise great experience.

Baking classes are available at Maple & Market, taught by Sarah herself! I can’t wait to come back here for some classes as I really like her rustic, homemade styles of cakes and pastries – just look at the mini two-tier berry cake! If you’re interested in the classes, you can visit the Facebook page for more information.

Maple & Market offers very affordable pastries and all of them look too good to be missed. Though not all cakes may please my tastebuds, the charm and allure of this little cafe really draws me to come back here again.

Maple & Market
34 Cassia Crescent
Tel: 6348 8068
p.s.: multi-storey public carpark available right across!


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