Terrassa by Ginza Project @ St. Petersburg [Russia Trip]

If you’re in Russia, you definitely have to try at least one of the many restaurants under the management of Ginza Project, a leading group in the restaurant and entertainment industry. It has since expanded to other metropolis including London and New York. I was looking through the list of restaurants and I was really spoilt for choice as all of them looked great! In the end, Terrassa was chosen as it was right across the Kazansky Cathedral, a major attraction in St. Petersburg. Chef Alexander Belkovich heads this place and he is a very young and charming man and his creations took inspirations from different countries and cuisines. Their menu was mind-boggling with an array of very diverse choices and it wasn’t easy at all to decide on what to order. No photos of the interior of the restaurant was allowed but I was assured that I could still instagram my food!
p.s.: prices are based on estimated exchange rate of S$1 = 25 Roubles.

A sneaky shot from my table which was al-fresco seating with a white overhead canopy. As Terrassa is located at the top level of the building, it was very breezy and I loved all the huge, plushy outdoor sofas which had created a very laid-back feel.

Symmetrical view!

The awesome, unadulterated view of Kazansky Cathedral from where I was sitting.

Focaccia (250rb/$10) – This was yummy! It looked and tasted more like naan than focaccia.

Lettuce Leaves w Crab Meat, Tuna & Passion Fruit (790rb/$31.60) – A very refreshing concoction of salad. The marriage of tuna and crab was perfect and I loved how fresh passionfruit was left for us to scoop out – very organic!

Grilled Corn (350rb/$14) – Highly overpriced corn cobs.

Dim Sum with Duck & Condiments (420rb/$16.80) – Think only Chinese can make good dimsums? Think again. We were all pleasantly surprised at how our duck dimsum turned out. The meat was marinated well and the skin was neither too tough nor thick! The sauces were fabulous as well, with the yellow mango sauce being my favourite. Pretty innovative I would say.

Spaghetti w Seafood (990rb/$39.60) – One thing about this dish is that it’s such a simple, classic dish but executed well. A definite pleaser for pasta lovers. However, the seafood could have been more generous.

Steamed Mediterranean Seafood & Fish Plate (5500rb/$220) – The variety is great and fresh but honestly, still overpriced by my standard. I could have free-flow seafood spread at a Sunday champagne brunch with this price in Singapore. I loved the crab most as it was meaty and chunky. One disappointment in this dish was that some seafood (I forgot which) was still warm and not properly chilled.

Banana Tart (320rb/$12.80) – A signature dessert, this was admittedly heavenly – which I’d never have imagined of desserts created from bananas. The crust was thin and crunchy and the fillings were nutty, chocolatey and banana-y. A must-try over here!

Raspberry Soup & Vanilla Ice Cream (280rb/$11.20) – I love berries but the bananas changed my opinion of them, so much so that I found this mediocre.

Strawberry Boom – Fantastic drink! You know you’ll never ever, ever go wrong if you order lemonades in Russia – and that’s exactly what we did for all our meals! I really love how fresh fruits were pureed and you don’t taste any artificial sweetener in the drink.

Terrassa has earned lots of awards and continually received excellent reviews. However, in my opinion, the food was made more awesome with its great views and ambience as it certainly was not the best I’ve had. I suppose there’s always a price you pay to gain the experience of it!

Terrassa by Ginza Project
Kazanskaya 3, St. Petersburg
Web: http://www.terrassa.ru


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