Department of Caffeine @ Duxton

Finally found some motivation to travel out of the cosy home on a Sunday morning, to Department of Caffeine (D.O.C)! I’ve been hearing a lot about D.O.C’s buttermilk waffles and its been some time since I found my last favourite at Wimbly Lu, thus a trip down to Duxton was warranted. A large wooden plank hung on the pillar marks the territory of D.O.C clearly, or its frosted glass windows with black frames, right beside a night pub would have been rather misleading. If you know where Littered with Books is at, D.O.C is just a few doors down!

A classy interior of woods, blacks and mismatched chairs.

A concise yet extensive menu at D.O.C.

Purchase some of these items home if you’re feeling too full from your egg bens but still feeling peckish, or simply looking forward to dinner!

Homemade cakes that are utterly irresistable.

63 degrees Egg [2 soft eggs w dressed salmon, asparagus, lemon & dill cream on brioche crouton] ($$18.50) – These eggs remind me of those at Skyve; ultra runny and smooth, almost like the soft-boiled eggs from Ya Kun. Almost. That said, I really like this dish as it has all my favourite brunch items, including the green asparagus and salmon! Thankfully the brioche wasn’t too hard from toasting. I sort of lost the taste of the lemon and dill cream though which was overpowered by the eggs.

Buttermilk Waffles w Blueberry Compote & Premium Vanilla Ice Cream ($13.50) – Indeed, this is a must try!! The waffle was extremely light and fluffy, with a nice buttermilk taste. It’s so light that you could have 5 of them and not feel full. The blueberry compote was fresh but may be a little too sweet for those who have lower tolerance for sugar. However, I felt that the combination of hot waffles, plump and moist blueberries and straight-out-of-freezer ice cream is the perfect recipe for a wonderful Sunday morning. Okay, and any other time too!

Apple Olive Oil Cake w Maple Syrup Cream ($5) – I hate raisins in my desserts but barring that fact, the cake was good! I think that the olive oil did a part in keeping the cake moist and the maple syrup cream was gorgeous. Why didn’t anyone think of doing creams this way earlier? However mainly due to the presence of raisins, it’s not a to-die-for for me.

Honey Lavender Tea Cake ($5) – This, on the other hand, was fantastic! I love tea cakes, especially lavender ones. This was very well done as you could smell the fragrance of lavender even before placing your fork into it. The sweetness came from the honey for sure. It’s pretty amazing how both flavours of honey and lavender could come out so strongly simultaneously. And if you think that the liquid icing drizzled on top may be too sweet for you, it really isn’t. Personally, I love this tea cake as much as the waffles.

LEFT: Elderflower Lemonade ($5.50) – A good perk-me-up with a tang and some bubbles.
RIGHT: Fresh Juice of Orange, Mint, Elderflower ($5.50) – I could have this every day! Orange and mint may not be a common duo but they sure do work well together. I love the fact that the mint leaves had been blended into tiny pieces so that you can sip with ease yet ingest those nice, fresh leaves.

D.O.C. is a cafe that you will go back again and again! After 1pm, they even serve churros with kahlua-spiked chocolate sauce. All the items sounded divine and I feel that the pricing is reasonable. Also, the best part is that they take reservations so you won’t have to join to long queue of waiting list if you decided to sleep in. Just remember to call early!

Department of Caffeine
15 Duxton Road
Tel: 6223 3426


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