Supreme Tastes Jiang Nan Cuisine @ Marina Square

One of the new additions to Marina Square’s Dining Edition is a Chinese restaurant specialising in Jiang Nan cuisine called Supreme Tastes. Its jarring Chinese decor makes sure that you won’t ever miss it. After one look at its menu, I found most of the dishes similar to the ones at Imperial Kitchen La Mian Xiao Long Bao! That was when one of the ex-staff who used to work at Imperial Kitchen Marina Square (now closed) came up to us and informed that the head chef had ventured out to open his very own restaurant! If you were a frequent patron at Imperial Kitchen MS, I’m sure you’ll find lots of familiar faces here too.

The entire ambience really made me feel like I was dining in China!

Steamed Flour Roll ($3) – Served piping hot, the buns were so soft it was incredible! It’s good on its own, or you can dip in the gravies of your dishes later on.

Claypot Chicken Soup w Wanton & Ham ($40) – The soup was cooked and presented in claypot and can serve at least 5 people, with extra servings! The soup was sweetened by the essence of both chicken and ham – so you can imagine how delicious and nutritious it would be. I really liked the dumplings as the dumpling skin is homemade, lending it an extra chew and spring and the fillings had a strong taste of Chinese wine!

Stewed Beancurd w Spicy Minced Meat ($12) – A very flavourful dish which is good to go with your carbs.

Sauteed Egg White w Fish Meat & Conpoy ($12) – A dish that my family never fails to order at Chinese restaurants! Egg white here is being scrambled with bits of fish meat and conpoy with a raw egg yolk in the middle to be combined altogether with some vinegar and pepper. Chinese way of doing eggs can be just as good as your poached eggs!

Stir-fried Kailan w Beancurd Leaves

Lamian w Onion Oil ($7) – My favourite lamin of all time! Even though it’s plain, the onion oil lends it a very aromatic flavour. If you’re imagining choking and overpowering onion smell, it’s far from it I promise. Each strand of noodles is very thin and consistent – displaying the chef’s superior skills.

Glutinous Ball w Sweet Wine ($4) – A little too sweet for my liking, I suppose you need to have an acquired taste to enjoy this dessert as the fermented wine may not suit everyone’s palette.

Supreme Tastes is good for a casual and affordable family meal and the standard is definitely on par with its competition. My family was really glad that the “Lamian” store has finally returned to Marina Square and even though service may not be as refined, it all boils down to its home-styled, comfort food.

Supreme Tastes Jiang Nan Cuisine
Marina Square, #02-181
6 Raffles Boulevard
Tel: 63334038


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