Fukuichi Japanese Restaurant @ Triple One Somerset

I’ve heard so much about Fukuichi – especially the freshness in ingredients used and affordability! In my books, those two elements do not go that well together, if you know what I mean. Fukuichi has their fish and seasonal seafood specially air-flown straight from Shizuoka by their partner in Japan, Fukuichi GyoGyo, which has been engaged in fishing for over three centuries. These fish are then kept in a state-of-art cold storage of -55˚C here. Some very interesting facts here!

Triple One Somerset is not always bustling like other parts of Orchard Road, so to me, it is a good place to have a relaxing meal at, without having service staff breathe down your neck the whole time, waiting to turnover your table.

Bento [Complete meal served in a lacquered meal box] ($40) – This bento set has basically everything – sashimi, sushis, tempura and grilled mentai salmon. Not exactly the cheapest bento in town, I shared this with my friend, along with a noodles dish each to keep the bill low. Every component of this bento was delicious! Sashimi slices were fresh and thick; aburi sushis were just as good too. However, as a result,the California maki paled in comparison. Next, the batter of the tempura was really light and crispy – the better ones around I would say. My favourite of the bento set must be the salmon which was grilled to perfection, with some flavour-packed cod roe mayonnaise sauce accompanying the tender fish meat.

Hiyashi Gyomen [Cold fish noodles] ($12) – I would order this over and over again mainly due to its pretty colour, which happens to be my favourite as well! Alright, jokes aside (though there’s some truth in it), I am a huge fan of fish noodles. I am not sure whether this was homemade but it sure delivered the springiness I expected. It is not easy to find fish noodles in Japanese restaurants, so do try it when you’re at Fukuichi. My only qualm is that the portion is too small to truly feel satisfied, especially since it is so yummy!

Hiyashi Soba ($9) – The portion of the soba was almost twice as much as the fish noodles. It was boiled to the right timing and adequately chilled. Very enjoyable!

The verdict is out! The food here is indeed really good but in terms of affordability, I suppose it may be cheaper than restaurants of its standard but the price point may still be above average. On the ala-carte menu, I saw various enticing grilled seafood items such as grilled clams with the mentaiyaki sauce! Needless to say, I will be back soon.


Fukuichi Japanese Restaurant
Triple One Somerset, Level 2
111 Somerset Road
Tel: 62715586


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  1. the sashimi slices looked really thick!

    1. foodiepink says:

      Yep! And fresh too. Definitely worth a try. 🙂

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