Stew Küche @ Bukit Merah

Nowadays, we can easily have access to Michelin-Star meals without taking the airplane and have arrays of indie cafes like in Seoul, yet most come with a premium or if I may say so, inflated price tag. At the same time, we are also seeing Chefs from prestigious hotels leaving, to open their own restaurants at coffeeshops, hawker centres and such to keep costs low for both themselves and customers. In this post, I will be introducing Stew Küche, a business by a father-son pair and their Head Chef Mani, from Hyatt Hotel and several fine-dining establishments in the past. Stew Küche was opened in April last year, specialising in German Pork Knuckles and Stewed Meat dishes!

What’s German food without the booze? With more than 30 imported crafted beers to choose from (and more to come), including favourites like Hoegaarden, there is one to suit your taste for sure. I was really happy that there was an assortment of fruity beers like strawberry and apple toffee!

Swiss Farmer Dinner Combo [Whole pork knuckle, German sausages, sauteed vegetables, achar, potatoes and brown sauce] ($35) – A signature dish of Chef Mani, he has recreated a classic German pork knuckle dish by incorporating some local flavours such as adding achar (marinated vegetables) on the side. The pork knuckle was delicious and not greasy at all – my friend even commented how the skin was crispier than the ones we had at Brotzeit! The brown sauce also ensured that the meat won’t dry out after extended period. I loved the sausages as well, which had some herb-y taste to them. This combo was huge for 4 people so if you’re looking at trying other dishes, I would say take just their Whole Knuckle at $25 or for small eaters, Half Knuckle at only $15. The different portion choices definitely made the meal more flexible, especially in small groups.

Vegetarian Pizza – Definitely a good break from all the meat!

Magner’s Pear Cider ($9) – Recommended by Chef Mani to go with the pork knuckle. Even though the pear taste was not very distinct, it was extremely light and refreshing – perfect for a heavy dish.
Erdinger ($8) – My usual order when it comes to beer!

Stew Küche is a great place to hang out with friends over some awesome pork knuckles and booze, without burning a hole in the wallet (isn’t that the most important?). Surprisingly, it was very cooling at night even without air-conditioning and the area was rather quiet, with plenty of parking space behind the building. I also heard that they will be extending their opening hours during the football season! More reasons to head over to Stew Küche!


Stew Küche
119 Bukit Merah Lane
Tel: 96650785

Thank you Kiat for your kind invitation!


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  1. Was it different types of sausage? Thanks! 🙂

    1. foodiepink says:

      Hi! They are of the same type. However, they do have a sausage platter that contains 3 different types of sausages! 🙂

      1. Hey thanks a lot for the quick reply! 🙂 Great, I already had the knuckle but might go and checkout the sausages next! Have a nice Sunday.

      2. foodiepink says:

        Hi again! Hope that you enjoyed the knuckle! Thanks for reading 😀

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