Tangerine @ ESPA, Resorts World Sentosa

Tangerine is a spa-cafe at ESPA, a building dedicated to luxurious spa treatments which has a spectacular tranquil-leisure environment designed for some serious pampering. It is also a restaurant headed by celebrity chef Sam Leong and wife, Forest Leong.

Walking through features of ponds and beautified greenery before reaching the restaurant; tucked away from the hustling of the casino and other hotels in the premise.

Entrance to Tangerine.

Tangerine has a rather small and intimate space that boasts ceiling-to-floor glass windows, overlooking a lush foliage. The atmosphere is one that is refined, with a warm crowd of service staff. As a spa-cafe, Tangerine offers contemporary dishes created from carefully curated ingredients to ensure that our bodies are receiving maximum nutrients from the lowest cholesterol and calories possible. Under each dish description, there are comprehensive notes and calorie counts to let you understand the different effects or elements you can benefit from having a dish. For instance, many dishes contained ingredients with high levels of anti-oxidants.
For this meal, I had their set dinner menu at $56++/person, which consists of an appetizer, main course and dessert, with a complimentary therapeutic drink.

[Complimentary] Beal Fruit Infused Tea w Lemon Slice [Therapeutic drink aids in healing gastro intestinal problems] – A very calming and refreshing drink that you’ll usually have after spa. It tasted especially good with the honey on the side.

Warm Bread Rolls – My favourite type of bread – served warm and very soft!

Appetizer: Duo Combination of Wild Pepper Leaf Wraps of Mixed Herbs & Walnuts tossed w Lemongrass Mint Dressing & Fresh Pear Crostini w Assorted Nuts  and Jasmine Tea Dressing – I love the presentation of this plate. This was overall a very light and clean dish. I was told by the service staff to wrap the fillings with the pepper leaf and take them in one mouthful. Full of doubt, I was really afraid that the leaf would leave a bitter aftertaste. Thank goodness, apart from the crunch and a slight herby taste, it was a very enjoyable mouthful! The second appetizer was amazing. It was a round, bite-sized pear that was fresh, juicy and crunchy dabbed on finely-chopped nuts. However, I couldn’t taste much of the tea dressing.

Main Course: Chef Forest’s Sous Vide Salmon Fillet w Red Capsicum Puree & Tamarind Sauce – This may possibly be the best salmon dish I’ve had ever. I love salmon sashimi and baked salmon that is not overdone – this dish is a culmination of both. Sous vide is a method of cooking by sealing the ingredient in a plastic air-tight bag and cooking it for very long hours at lower-than-usual temperatures, such as 55 °C to 60 °C. The result is an extraordinarily smooth and silky texture of the fish. The red capsicum coulis is packed with anti-oxidants – a great way of incorporating this ingredient into the dish instead of leaving them in cubes as I don’t take them normally. The tamarind sauce was slightly tart and spicy, yet not overpowering in any way. The fried fish skin was crispy and not greasy at all. A perfect dish which I’ll give full marks to!

Main Course: Baked Sous Vide Corn Fed Chicken w Pasta in Pomodoro Sauce – A simple but well-executed gluten-free pasta dish. The boy definitely enjoyed this one!

Dessert: Chilled Avocado & Sugar-free Dark Chocolate Sobert – The avocado lent a creamy texture to the dessert, replacing the usual milk in the ice cream and cream. The dark chocolate sobert was power-packed and due to its intense, chocolatey flavour, the lack of sugar was negligible. I could have had ten bowls of this. 😛

I’m really glad to have found Tangerine, which serves healthy, beneficial and delicious food, all under the same roof. Furthermore, the pricing is very reasonable (eg. salmon dish at $18 for ala-carte), taking into consideration the efforts put into creating the dishes, by a celebrity chef. Definitely a place I’ll recommend for some nice, quiet time with your loved ones while enjoying a healthy gourmet meal.

ESPA, Level 1
Resorts World Sentosa
8 Sentosa Gateway
Tel:6577 6688
Tip: Free shuttle bus available from Hotel Michael to Hotel Equarius, just opp ESPA


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