Tatsuya Japanese Restaurant @ Goodwood Park Hotel

I was lucky that I managed to get a table without any reservation on a Sunday afternoon. However, I was offered al-fresco seating as the very narrow sushi bar was full. Hence, no photos of the restaurant itself! If you haven’t heard, Tatsuya boasts an excellent reputation in Japanese food. All ingredients are freshly imported from Tsukiji and Fukuoka fish markets. Each month, they come up with new seasonal dishes to make use of the season’s finest ingredients and their value-for-money bento set lunches are served, even on weekends.
[Seasonal Dish] Simmered Unagi with Pumpkin ($15) – I love it when simmered dishes are done well. The sweetness from the pumpkin was transferred to the stock, which was very flavourful, with the right amount of consistency from the cornstarch added. The eel pieces were very delicate in both taste and texture. I especially enjoyed the pumpkin and spinach! Definitely a dish that puts the skills of the chef to the test with its numerous components within such a small dish.  
[Seasonal Dish] Fried Sweet Corn Tofu ($12) – Mashed tofu with plump corn kernals, fried to perfection. It feels so luxurious to be biting into these tiny tofus – the tofu, encased in its crispy outer-layer, was very soft and delicate.Very, very tasty indeed. 
Salmon Sashimi ($25) – No doubt the slices were thick and fresh, but I wouldn’t pay $25 for this again, especially if I can get one whole bento set for almost the same price.  
Ladies Lunch ($26.80) – I’m definitely not joking when I say Tatsuya offers value-for-money bento sets! This set includes a potato sald, cold udon, mixed vegetable tempuras, 4 slices of sushi, 2 california maki pieces and a personalised tamago with the branding of the restaurant! I was impressed with the spread, and more so with the quality and taste. Everything tasted excellent. The sushis were fresh, with an adequate amount of sushi rice under the fish in order for diners to maximize their appreciation of the fish itself. The tempuras were crispy and aromatic too!    

Sushi, Yakizakana Bento ($28.90) – A bento of grilled cod fish and sushi! The very fresh cod fish was again, excellent. Instead of the usual teriyaki sauce, the slice was topped with some rich mentiako mayo sauce. I really liked how the layers of meat breaks up with some pressure from the chopsticks – a clear indication of the freshness! 

 I would highly recommend Tatsuya if you’re looking for valuable and very good Japanese food. Service staff in kimonos were very attentive and friendly. You’ll also be happy to know that there is an ongoing DBS Card promotion (until March 2014) of 10% off total bill and 1-for-1 for selected Sake bottles. I can’t wait to be back to try all the other bento sets!

Tatsuya Japanese Restaurant
Goodwood Park Hotel
22 Scotts Road
Tel: 68874598


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