Maison Ikkoku Cafe & Bar @ Kandahar Street

Maison Ikkoku is a multi-concept store, housed in a 3-storey shophouse within a cultural precinct, Kampong Glam. The first-storey serves as an Indie cafe, while the second is a fashion boutique and the third, a very cool bar with an option of al-fresco seating. I was here for dinner and I couldn’t help but adjourn to the 3rd floor for some post-dinner drinks. At the end of the night, I fell in love with this label/concept/brand. Read on to find out more!

Exposed white brick walls, steel pipings, filament bulbs – epitome of classy vintage-contemporary.

Nice setting!

All homemade desserts being displayed in the refrigerated shelf – made me want to skip dinner and jump straight to desserts!

Meatball Marinara [Beef meatballs + mozzarella cheese + marinara sauce + fresh basil] ($16) – I wouldn’t recommend this as the meatballs were really hard and the marina sauce was too little. I couldn’t taste the fresh basil as well.

Smoked Salmon & Dill Cream Sandwich [Norwegian smoked salmon + boiled egg + dill sour cream + yellow onions + rocket + fresh tomatoes] ($15) – This sandwich, on the other hand, was really yummy! The smoked salmon was fresh and the cream sauce went so well with it. The bread may be a little hard after toasting but definitely thumbs-up!

Rainbow Cake ($10) – My very first slice of rainbow cake and a good one! This cake made me so happy, it was as though it dropped down from heaven. The layers of vanilla sponge were light and fluffy – aptly accompanied by the cream cheese frosting. I loved how the rainbow dots added crunch and the generous side of chocolate and strawberry sauces brought in different flavours for the cake.

Salted Popcorn Chocolate Cake ($7) – A unique creation, though not the most feasible as the popcorn turned soggy and hard after being exposed to the air for prolonged period. What would be good is to microwave the popcorn before serving, so the contrast in temperatures and textures would be a heavenly one. The chocolate cake itself was rich and dense – sinful yet irresistible.

This is a picture taken from the counter of Maison Ikkoku bar! Spot all the fresh ingredients and bottles and bottles of spirits! This bar has no menu as all cocktails are customised according to your requests – a really cool “mixology” concept. You just have to inform the bartender on your preferred taste for your cocktail as well as your choice spirit – be it spicy, salty, refreshing, fruity etc., the end product will be one that tickles your tastebuds with pleasure and stretches your imagination while dissecting the layers of taste. A wonderful and clever concept if you ask me!

My drink – of sour and refreshing – was made up of passionfruit, thyme and vodka! I liked how fresh passionfruit was used; finally some cocktails without the usual artificial flavours. The thyme added a surprising dimension to the drink too.

LEFT: My friend’s drink of blackcurrant mojito with a dash of lime.
RIGHT: There was no way my friend and I could just stop at 1 drink each. We relented (despite it being a weekday night) and went for a second drink to share. It was a Flaming Sour Bourbon. I’m not a fan of bourbon but I was glad that at least my friend liked it. So I suppose there will always be both hits and misses when it comes to “customisation” of cocktails as you may not have a liking for any one of the elements within the drink.
*All above cocktails are priced at $25 nett.

Maison Ikkoku stands out from the rest of its competitors with its unique concept. Basically, it has it all – good ambience, yummy food, attractive desserts, customised cocktails and some retail therapy thrown into the package. ‘Wow’ is the only word to describe.

Maison Ikkoku 
20 Kandahar Street
Tel: 6294 0078


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