Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru @ Liang Court

As much as conveyor-belt-sushi restaurants serve to be a quick fix for my frequent sushi cravings, most command long queues, and it’s not that their food is fantastic. I guess the irony can’t get any more obvious, can it? However, what will make your time worth (queueing) is this particular sushi restaurant at Liang Court, a favourite hunt for many Japanese.
A huge menu to contain their large array of sushi choices!

Tags are placed on the conveyor belt next to the different kinds of sushis, a clear indication to diners as to what they’re eating. What is interesting at Ikeikemaru is that there are many variants to a sushi. For instance, their Salmon sushi alone has more than 5 ways of preparation, with different cuts of the fish. I’m letting the photos do the talking this time round!
Assorted Sushi ($9.90)
Shrimp and Cheese Sushi ($2.80)
Squid & Cod Roe Sushi ($2.80)
Aburi Salmon w Yuzu Sushi ($2.80)
Tuna Sushi ($3.80)
Salmon Sushi ($2.80)
Scallop Sushi ($4.80)
Chutoro Sushi ($6.80)
Sea Eel Sushi ($6.80) – Star of the meal!
Udon w Onsen Egg, Tempura Flakes & Wakame ($6.80)

Ikeikemaru is by far the most ‘authentic’ conveyor-belt-sushi restaurant I’ve been to, mainly due to its high quality standards, accompanied by unique options that I’ve never encountered elsewhere. Most importantly, pricing has been kept affordable and service staff makes you feel right at home!

Liang Court, Basement 1
117 River Valley Road
Tel: 63371022


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