Platypus Kitchen @ Bugis Junction

I found out about Platypus Kitchen only after their second branch at Bugis Junction was opened. I suppose Platypus Kitchen is not new to everyone as most working at Raffles Place would have already known about their first store at Clifford Centre, as it always garners long queues during lunch hour! Platypus Kitchen prides itself in having Singapore’s widest selection of fresh handmade pastas, staying true to the Italian roots with made-from-scratch pastas. Moreover, those with a sweet tooth will also be in for a treat! A photobook specially dedicated for desserts (called The Dessert Book), the unique sweet treats were styled professionally and I was impressed just by flipping through the pages.
Spacious and cosy interior.
There is an ongoing soft opening promotion where 2 Set Meal options are available, at $16.90 and $18.90 respectively, depending on the chosen pasta dish. Each set comes with a soup and a drink (mine was Elderflower Iced Tea!).
Pumpkin Soup – Served piping hot, this was a real comfort dish. The soup was basically pumpkin puree – sweet, pure and unadulterated. I’ll choose this over Soup Spoon’s anytime.
Mushroom Soup – The mushroom soup contained a generous amount of mushroom bits, very tasty as well!
Truffle Fries ($6.90) – I was quite disappointed by this dish as I expected very strong truffle taste in the fries. Apart from the ones that I took with truffle slices, it tasted like any other salted fries. The fries could have tasted so much better if drizzled with some truffle oil, for which I am willing to pay a more premium price. I mean, where else can you get fries with truffle, literally?
Black & White, Scallop & Crab [Interwoven squid ink & egg Tagliolini w crabs and scallops in white wine consomme] ($16.90 set meal + additional $2.40) – I wouldn’t eat squid ink pasta by itself so this combination of egg and squid ink pastas was a brilliant idea! I love how the different shapes and thickness of the pastas create different textures and wow, the amount of crabmeat was indeed, very generous. The seafood was definitely packed with lots of punch but I felt that the white wine sauce could have been more flavourful.
Spicy ‘Diablo’ Crab & Prawn [Egg Tagliolini w prawns & crab claw meat tossed in a spicy egg sauce] ($18.90 set meal) – With a hint of spice, the gravy was more flavourful as compared to the previous one. Again, the seafood was fresh and generous. Yummy!
Seasalt Caramel ($6.90) – The cake was topped with popping candy, which made eating more fun as the crystals sizzle away inside your mouth. That aside, I felt that the cake was rather mediocre. The sweetness in the popping candy had stolen the limelight of the seasalt flavour or what this cake was supposed to be. However, the crushed peanuts did add an interesting twist to this dessert. 

Platypus Kitchen definitely dishes out affordable, quality pastas. If you’re not a fan of pastas, they also serve risottos such as Saffron Caviar Risotto and other mains like Salmon and Pork Belly. I have to admit that I have a soft spot for handmade pastas as it does take time and effort to create them. So yes, I’ll be back to try the other pastas! 

Platypus Kitchen
Bugis Junction, #03-29
200 Victoria Street
Tel: 63334434


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