PoTeaTo @ Yong Siak, Tiong Bahru

Occupying a tiny shopfront, with neighbours like Forty Hands and Open Door Policy, PoTeaTo differentiates itself with well, potatoes and teas (step aside, coffee). Be it fried, mashed, yellow potatoes, sweet potatoes, for lunch, brunch, high-tea or dinner, they have it all. I was here after my dinner at Big Mama for some post-dinner drinks as its neighbours along Yong Siak were all closed on a Monday, and honestly, the brick walls, black grills and bustling atmosphere within the restaurant were too inviting.
Lunch and high-tea sets are available with a number of small bites such as buffalo wings and fries to go along with crafted beers!
Warm and welcoming interior!
LEFT: Peach Beer ($10) – I love peaches, hence this was a perfect drink for me. Slightly sweeter than the usual fruit beers, the peach flavour was subtle yet very aromatic. Also, the alcohol content is as low as just 3%!
RIGHT: Ginger Beer ($12) – This flavour was newly-introduced by PoTeaTo. Personally, this is a drink that I will stay away from unless I’m having motion sickness. The ginger taste was strong, but thankfully not spicy. However, my friend enjoyed this drink a lot, so it boils down to a matter of personal preference.
Apart from these 2 drinks, PoTeaTo serves other crafted beers in flavours such as strawberry, raspberry and more! Did I mention how much I love those beer glasses?
Chocolate Earl Grey Scones  ($3.50) –  I loved this to bits! Warmed up before serving, this scone was a winner, mainly attributed to its wonderful flavours. The first taste was of chocolate but competing with this chocolatey taste was the earl grey tea. I was amazed by how strong the earl grey was to be able to cut through the chocolate taste so distinctively. A must-try at PoTeaTo and best eaten with butter!
Lemon Cranberry Scone ($3.50) – This paled in comparison after the highly-impactful Chocolate Earl Grey Scone, but nontheless, still above average in standard. They packed a lot of whole cranberries within the scone itself, adding an extra texture to it.

I’m liking PoTeaTo a lot and I will be back for a proper meal! It was full house on a Monday night, so I presume that their mains are rather popular too. Otherwise, pop by the unpretentious PoTeaTo tonight for some drinks or take away the value-for-money pastries! Cheers!
78 Yong Siak Street, #01-18
Tel: 6221 2488


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