Kha @ 38 Martin Road

Helmed by Executive Chef Adam Cliff, a protégé of the acclaimed Thai cuisine chef David Thompson, Kha has shifted from its previous location at Hort Park to Martin Road. Having been trained in a Michelin star restaurant and through his travels around Thailand, Chef Adam specialises in the “Isaan” food, a style which features fresh ingredients, grilled meats and salads.
Contemporary interior designs with hints of Thai culture.
Interesting old-school menu.
Som Dtum Malakor [Pounded green papaya salad, cherry tomatoes, chilli, dried shrimp with sweet & sour tamarind dressing with a side of candied pork] ($16) – A wonderful, sourish appetizer to whet your appetite at the start of the meal. The crunchy green papaya strips were enhanced by the nuts and tangy dressing. The candied pork tasted like a sweeter and meatier version of bakkwa and I absolutely loved it!
Khao Krong [Steamed brown rice] ($4/pax) – A healthier alternative to jasmine rice, I especially liked the extra chew in the rice grains.
Pla Phao Glua [Salt-crusted whole seabass stuffed w lemongrass, pandanas & Thai basil stalks, slow cooked over fire, with green chilli dipping sauce] ($30) – A signature dish of Kha. When served, the server lifted up the entire salt-crusted fish skin to reveal the meat under. The seabass was meaty, moist and extremely tender. When eaten alone, you can taste the unadulterated freshness of the fish; when accompanied by the sauce, the flavours were augmented. On the sauce, it was a complex one – slightly sweet, with lots of fish sauce and chilli, but not as spicy as expected. Definitely a must-try at Kha!   
Gai Yung Esaan [Chicken thigh marinated for 24 hours in garlic, pepper, coriander, grilled till crispy, served w jhim jeaw] ($15) – I was sold the moment this was sent into my mouth! One of the best grilled meat for sure. The well-seasoned chicken thighs were succulent and juicy, they slipped off the bamboo skewers with much ease. Again, the sauce acted as a powerful tool to enhance the flavours of the dish, which went very well with rice.    
Coconut Ice Cream ($5) – 2 scoops for $5! Icy and milky, this may not be the best coconut ice cream I’ve had, but it sure cleansed my palette after the heavyweight dishes earlier.  

I was impressed by Kha. Unlike most Thai restaurants, Kha serves a limited 2-page menu, but all dishes are created to perfection. I was surprised how reasonable the pricings were, considering the quality ingredients used, intricate execution of food and well, the portfolio of the chef. However, with that said, service standard was rather lacklustre. I guess that’s the only imperfection at Kha.

38 Martin Road
Tel: 6476 9000


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