Big Mama Korean Restaurant @ Tiong Bahru

You’ll have no chance eating here if you walk in at 7pm on a weekday night. Yep, that’s Big Mama for you! Not exactly the most fanciful restaurant around in Tiong Bahru, Big Mama garners many diners with its hearty Korean food and reasonable price point. As you can see, their walls act as canvases to promote their signature dishes, so no further introduction is needed!
Like all authentic Korean restaurants, banchan or small dishes are served before the meal. I love their lotus roots and japchae (Korean vermicelli). The lotus roots were very crunchy and the japchae was very aromatic, despite having been cooled. The kimchi here was pretty good as well, sour and spicy at the same time.
Dak Galbi [Spicy Korean Chicken] ($15/pax + rice at $3/pax) – This dish reminded me of the days when I was in Seoul – certainly brought back some fond memories! The good thing about it here is that the chicken will be cooked in a huge griddle-like pan by the staff at the table and you won’t have to lift a finger (unlike Korean BBQ)! The chicken pieces were wonderfully marinated and very tender. This was complemented by the crunchy cabbage. Hidden in the pile, you can also find some potatoes and ricecakes! A very, very hearty and satisfying dish. Upon finishing the chicken, rice will be added in the pan, topped with seaweed and more chilli paste! The end product was spoonfuls of very fragrant seaweed rice, slightly charred and crispy,
Soondubu jjigae [Soft Tofu Stew] ($14) – This dish comes with a bowl of rice, hence it could be a complete meal by itself. The broth was hot and fiery, especially comforting on a cold day. I found some prawns inside but I wished more tofu was added. Slightly different from the ones I had in Seoul, the tofu here has been mashed into tiny pieces, which makes it difficult to determine the silkiness of the tofu. Nonetheless, a very hearty dish!

Big Mama will be introducing 2 brand new dishes, including the renowned Budae Jjigae/Korean Army Stew! I was so excited when I saw the newly-laminated menu only to find out that they are not served, just yet. A perfect excuse to go back to Big Mama again!

Big Mama Restaurant

2 Kim Tian Road, Tiong Bahru
Tel: 6270 7704


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