Moonstone @ The Jewel Box, Mt. Faber

One of the three epicurean dining venues within Jewel Box is Moonstone, serving casual, contemporary Japanese fare. An outdoor restaurant and bar, you’ll have to be prepared for some flying insects through the night, though they’re relatively harmless. Furthermore, the romantic night view from where you’ll be seated at (opt for the high table and chairs) will be too beautiful to allow anything to spoil your dinner.
Facing the view of Sentosa Island and cable cars from the high table and chairs.
Lime Juice – Water will not be served at Moonstone, so order a glass of lime juice to reduce the heat and quench your thirst!
Jellyfish ($5)- Crunchy and not overly salty like most places. Not bad at all!
Croquette ($6) – I’m guessing this was produced from frozen food – good frozen food.
Yakitori [LEFT to RIGHT]: Chicken Meatballs ($4); Chicken Thigh ($4); Shittake Mushrooms ($3)- Moonstone’s yakitoris are pretty good! Though they may not be the most authentic ones you get from an izakaya, the ingredients are still fresh and aptly seasoned. I loved all 3 sticks on this plate!
Yakitori [LEFT to RIGHT]: Octopus Leg ($4); Brinjal ($3); Pork wrapped Asparagus ($4) – The former 2 were tasteless to me and I felt that the brinjal was undercooked. It should have been on the fire longer, such that it turns mushy inside. Pork wrapped asparagus was alright.
Yakitori: Scallops ($8) – Huge scallops we have there! A must-order as the scallops are plump and meaty. It always feels good to bite off a big chunk of scallop off the stick.
Garlic Fried Rice ($5) – This bowl of carbs was very aromatic. Due to its strong taste, it may turn garlic-haters off. As for myself, I really enjoyed the taste of the garlic-perfumed rice grains, and the specks of egg and garlic bits. Highly value for money, this is one dish that will go well with all your yakitori orders!
Cold Udon ($8) – Not sufficiently cold, I felt that this was very mediocre – something that I could easily replicate at home.
A sumptuous meal with a gorgeous view.

Moonstone’s main draw is no doubt its postcard/instagram-worthy view and its romantic ambience. Prices are relatively affordable for its exclusive location but food standards are rather mediocre. However, Moonstone provides a variety of cocktails and drinks, with live band music on weekends. I’d say that it is a good place to chill out over the weekend for some post-dinner drinking. Moreover, instead of the usual greasy grub food to go with your drinks, yakitori sticks can serve as a healthier replacement!

The Jewel Box
109 Mount Faber Road
Tel: 6377 9688


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