Octapas Spanish Tapas Bar @ Clarke Quay

Even though I haven’t been to Spain, my impression of the country is one that is full of vibrancy, energy and lots of Sangrias. I felt that Octapas had adequately captured this vibe with its brick-walls, bold graphics, orange lightings, and even down to the flowers on the ears of female staff. Like all typical Spanish fares, tapas and paellas are found here.
The bar counter. All seatings are on high tables and chairs, which proved to be too cramp for 4 people.
Sauteed Mushroom in Sherry & Garlic ($12) – An excellent starter to whet your appetite! Seasoned with lots of herbs and garlic, the mushrooms had very strong and fragrant tastes. Each piece was chewy yet tender, and exploding with flavours. It could have been perfect if less salty.
Beef Tenderloin Cubes in Olive Oil & Garlic ($17) – The most well-liked tapas on the table! These bite-sized beef cubes were succulent and easy on the teeth. Again, lots of garlics and herbs, the taste of beef remained distinct and with its exterior slightly charred, it was truly the star of the night.
Oven-baked Mussels w Homemade Tomato Sauce & Cheese ($16) – The mussels were extremely fresh, plump and juicy! Topped and baked with some tomato sauce and cheese, which may be the most basic ingredients of all, they were really delicious.
Jamon Iberico: Iberico Ham on Toast ($11) – Iberico ham is a type of Spanish cured ham, thinly sliced when served. With its beautiful marbling of fats, the ham was tender and smooth and little effort was needed to tear it off. Accompanied by warm toast, the saltiness of the ham was balanced by the bread, and the softness of the former contrasted by the crispiness of the latter.
Mariscos Paella: The Perfect Catch: Mussel, Squid, Shrimp, Fish ($58 for 4) – I held high expectations for the paella after being continuously served with tasty tapas. Sadly, this fell short of my expectations. The taste wasn’t too bad but the seafood could have been more fresh, or better prepared. For instance, the prawns were rather mushy, without the usual crisp of freshwater prawns. The rice grains were all clumped together too. Definitely a lot of room for improvement, this one.  
Sparkling Sangria ($12) – A refreshing drink, it was useful for washing down strong tastes of the food.
Stage for live band performance later into the night!

You’ll be glad to know that there is an ongoing happy hour promotion till 8pm everyday where most alcoholic drinks go at a discount of 50%! Octapas is promising in terms of its tapas, though the flavours may become rather similar (but similarly, good), with the use of common ingredients. A good location to hang out and have dinner with friends before some partying I would say! ;D

Octapas Spanish Tapas Bar
3D River Valley Road, Clarke Quay
Tel: 68372938


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