Clifford @ Fullerton Bay Hotel

Aptly named, Clifford boasts floor-to-ceiling glass windows, overlooking the Clifford Pier. By dusk, the scenery is likened to an ever-changing ombre sky, with a darker shade of blue painted across it at regular intervals. The entire atmosphere felt like it was created out of a fairy-tale book yet at the same time, unpretentious.
I was in awe of the grandeur created by the height of the ceiling and the plush and luxurious interiors of the restaurant – definitely not a cent was spared.
Bread Basket: Apart from the usual butter, we were with served tuna spread as well. The portion was generous I could slather the entire mini baguette with it. The texture was great as well; chunky yet smooth. Bread was warm and rather tasty.
Appetizer: Lobster & Scallop Carpaccio w Lime Black Truffle Dressing & Fragrant Shiso ($32) – With all honesty, this may be one of the best appetizers I’ve had! The thinly-sliced cooked lobster (with a claw!) provided chewiness while the raw sliced scallop was soft, almost silky on the tongue. I found this an ingenious method of playing with textures, created by the juxtaposition of raw food against cooked ones. The taste of the dressing was divine as well. I was surprised by the appearance of shaved black truffles, very humbly not indicated on the menu. The usage of fresh truffles with truffle oil is no doubt, an orgasmic combination. The aroma of truffle was stronger than expected but it dissipates quickly, so much so that you’ll crave for more. Seriously, the chef should win an award for this dish!
Main: Whole Lobster Angel Hair w Fresh Tomato, Sweet Basil & Lobster Butter Sauce ($56) – An entire lobster deshelled and cut into bite-size pieces – saves both ladies and gentlemen some potential embarrassment. The lobster meat was firm and fresh. Being more tomato-based than butter, the butter acted as an enhancement, lifting the taste of the sauce a few notches up. The angel hair however, was a little overcooked and had clumped up.
Main: Wagyu Foie Gras Burger: Aged Cheddar, Caramelized Onion Jam & Classic Garnished w Truffle Fries ($38) – Wagyu and foie gras are one of my favourite combinations as both have very distinctive and rich tastes but their textures complement each other so well. A dish that is well worth your money, with the finest ingredients found within a burger. My only gripe was that the fries lacked the taste of truffle, as promised. Perhaps my tastebuds had been pampered by the appetizer, or simply, the chef missed out on the truffle oil.
LEFT: Dessert Wine: Michele Chiarlo, Moscato d’Asti, ‘Nivole’, Piedmont, Italy, 2010 ($24) – A glass for $24, not the entire bottle! Clifford provides quite a number of after-meal drinks on their menu, and you can easily spend the night chatting away while enjoying the scenery.
Petit Trios, with complements from the chef: Kueh Lapis, Mini Macarons, Black Sesame Chocolate – Cherries within kueh lapis isn’t my kind of thing. It should have been kept simple and plain. The bite-sized macarons were really cute and light on the palette and the black sesame chocolates were innovative and interesting, though a tad too sweet for me.

Clifford provides a sense of privacy and exclusivity for its diners, with a group of attentive staff (though they can afford to smile more). This is a restaurant that has left a memorable impression on me, in terms of food, service, and ambience. Definitely a place to impress; a real treat for your loved one(s) and yourself and a night of indulgence!


Fullerton Bay Hotel
80 Collyer Quay
Tel: 65975288


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