Artistry @ Kampong Glam

Sometimes it’s a blessing when things do not go according to plan. I found this gem – a quiet enclave, perfect for lazy Sunday afternoons – after deciding not to queue at a popular brunch spot.
We noticed many posters depicting modern and abstract illustrations of cities. These posters for sale, cost a few hundreds each. On the opposite end of the cafe is a raised platform, equipped with sound systems, for live bands to perform! A combination of music and visual art – perhaps, that’s how the name Artistry came about.
Coffee machine and a range of beers available.
An entire shelf dedicated to desserts, made with love!
Iced Coffee w a tiny beaker of syrup ($4) – Not a coffee connoisseur, this tasted good to me, especially on a hot day.
Roasted Beef Foccacia ($9.90) – There were only 2 options for sandwiches, but these are certainly done well. The foccacia was soft, crusty and aptly warmed. The condiments within the sandwich were very fresh,while the roast beef slices were thin and tender. I was surprised how easy this sandwich was on the teeth! 😛
FRONT: Banana Cognac Cream Pie ($7) – The array of pie flavours Artistry offers can be rather mind-boggling so we asked for recommendations. This pie is one of the top-sellers but I found the layer of cream a little too thick for me. It can definitely do with more bananas. However, I like how the crust isn’t too sweet or dense.
BACK: Tiramisu ($7) – You may judge its portion but let me tell you, Artistry is very serious about their tiramisu. The staff informed us that they added lots of Kahlua (coffee liqour) into this. With each spoonful, you’ll first be hit head-on by the strong taste of kahlua, followed by the creaminess of marscapone cheese. A very, very delightful dessert that is not for the faint-hearted!
Creativity at work here!

Service at Artistry was excellent. I believe it was the boss himself who’ve served us and he was all smiles and very chatty. According to him, Artistry will be rolling out a brand new brunch menu on weekends, which I believe is now available. This is a cafe that has a personal touch to it, where diners are infected by the enthusiasm of the cafe owner – one who is filled with hopes and dreams, as well as the arty vibe of the cafe itself. Do drop by this cosy place the next time you want to chill out with friends and don’t leave without ordering their tiramisu!

17 Jalan Pinang
Singapore 199149
Tel: 6298 2420


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