Hoshino Coffee @ Plaza Singapura

Hoshino Coffee is definitely not new to everyone, but it has been serving consistently good and affordable Japanese pastas and desserts. I have been there on two separate occasions and boy, the queue is perpetually there during dinner-time. A meal at Hoshino Coffee definitely requires certain amount of patience as apart from the queue, their signature Pancake Soufflé desserts require at least 20 minutes of preparation [well, partly speaks for the queue].

RIGHT: Matcha Parfait ($12) – Pretty pricey for a small cup of “sundae”. Price aside, the parfait tasted average and the softee a little too sweet in my opinion. I liked the matcha jelly cubes though as the green tea flavour was very rich.   
Chocolate Banana Pancake Soufflé w Vanilla Softee & Maple Syrup ($13.80) – This must be the thickest pancake ever! Despite its thickness, the texture is consistent, fluffy and rather airy – somewhat a denser version of soufflés. This is definitely an enjoyable dessert that can be shared between 2.

I got the above photo collage off my personal Instagram account, of my first visit to Hoshino Coffee.
TOP: Matcha Pancake Soufflé w Matcha Softee & Maple Syrup ($13.50) – This would be a better choice over the Matcha Parfait as the softee complements the plain pancake soufflé, balancing out its sweetness. Fans of matcha will definitely fancy this dessert!
LEFT: Tomato cream “OmuRice with Shrimp and Mozzarella ($15) – This was so delicious I wiped the entire plate clean within 5 minutes! The tomato cream sauce was very tasty and smooth, accompanied by cubes of gooey cheese. The entire combination of egg, tomato, cheese, shrimps and rice may be simple, but done right.
RIGHT: Clam Chowder Spaghetti Soup ($16) – Not as soupy as the name suggests, this was an excellent pasta dish with fresh clams and the pasta al-dente. An updated and nice change from the usual white wine sauce in Italian Vongole Pasta.

Hoshino Coffee may not have top-notch service standards but for a rather causal cafe, more importantly are the food quality and ambience. A place worth visiting for its unique Japanese-Western fare!

Hoshino Coffee 星乃珈琲店
68 Orchard Road
#03-84 Plaza Singapura
Tel: 63383277


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