Oceans of Seafood @ PasarBella, The Grandstand

I found a real gem at the back of PasarBella where the freshest seafood are found! If you haven’t heard, PasarBella is a farmer’s market at The Grandstand, occupying a huge corner at the back of the main building, beside Giant supermarket. Upon entry, it feels as though you’ve been transported to a London weekend market. The vicinity has been very beautifully detailed and themed, I literally went crazy, coo-ing over every stall’s decor. At the front of the market are several cafes and patisseries, with fruits, tea, organic and trinket stores, called “Traders”, littered along the way. At the next section of Pasar Bella, are the various food and pastries stores where you can sit down and have a proper meal.

At Oceans of Seafood, you’ll first be greeted upon by the freshest fish flown in from Japan, sold whole. If you want to have them sliced up for sashimi you can order and have them served at the Japanese restaurant at the back. Opposite the Japanese restaurant, sits a market-like stall, with expensive and jumbo seafoods on display. The photo above shows one of the largest Boston lobsters I’ve seen in Singapore. I think it’ll take at least 5 people to finish it! Similarly, you can order the seafood you want, and have them served at the Japanese restaurant.
A wide selection of oysters, freshly-shucked are available, as well as jumbo King Ulo Prawns!
The lobsters and crabs are all live and active!

The Japanese restaurant with its casual vibe and counter seatings with a sashimi glass display!
Scallop Sashimi ($16) – Chunky and fresh, the way I like my scallops to be.
Salmon Sashimi ($14) – Fresh and yummy!DSC00556
Chutoro Sushi ($6.80/piece) – Melts in your mouth like Otoro but with lesser fats!
Lobster Platter for 2 (South African Red Lobsters & King Ulo Prawns) + additional Razor Bamboo Clam ($88+$8) – If you’re at Oceans of Seafood, never miss out on their fresh lobsters and prawns!! This must be the best lobster I’ve ever had – better than the Boston lobsters in USA I would say. The meat of these African lobsters were ultra tender and juicy, with a very springy, QQ texture.  They tasted of what the freshest seafood would have been – the essence of sea and having them by the beach, freshly caught. Also, roe lovers will rejoice upon opening the lobsters, revealing their rich, gooey, golden roe paste within. The King prawns were very tasty as well! Each of them was as big as my palm, and very easy to deshell. Boiled to a perfect timing, they were not hard but firm and springy. As a fan of bamboo clams, I decided to add on one to my platter – at only $8! The clam was huge and meaty. The platter comes with 2 sauces – garlic butter and sambal-like chilli. Not a fan of the latter but the garlic butter sauce was delicious and fragant and complements all seafood, though I suggest you have the seafoods unadulterated first.

Overall, it was a very memorable meal and I keep yearning to have my seafood feast again, but my cholestrol (and wallet)  forbids me to. I would say that Oceans of Seafood is a haven for seafood lovers like myself where you’ll be able to enjoy the freshest seafood, boiled to perfection for your savouring. Also, I love how you get to enjoy Japanese sashimi, at the same time with American boiled shelled fish. Even if you don’t fancy seafood, PasarBella is definitely worth a visit this weekend!

Oceans of Seafood
PasarBella @ The Grandstand Bukit Timah Singapore
200 Turf Club Road Singapore 287994
Tel:  6466 1005


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