Sabio by the Sea @ Quayside Isle, Sentosa Cove

Quayside Isle, a stretch of restaurants within Sentosa Cove, is becoming a hotspot for foodies with many cool and hip restaurants and cafes competing to get the best views that the quay provides. A very tranquil mood is set along the boardwalk by the waters, appropriately contrasted by the bustling atmosphere in the restaurants. I’m sure everyone will be spoilt for choice here, with at least a dozen restaurants of various cuisines, along the Isle.
DSC00466 For my first visit at Quayside Isle, I chose to have dinner at Sabio by the Sea, which serves Spanish fare. I like the long stretch of counter table in the middle of the restaurant, high ceiling and the dramatic interior designs.
Day vs. night shots of the interior.
LEFT: Red Wine Sangria ($12) – One of the smallest cup of sangrias I’ve had. I found it a little too diluted and as the ice melts, you get less and less flavour of the wine.
Vieiras En Salsa De Cava [Sea Scallops in Sparkling White Wine Sauce] ($16) – Very delicious! The not-too-creamy sauce was divine and the scallops were grilled to perfection, with a hint of charred smell as they are cooked in special charcoal ovens. A must-order as it is very value-for-money for the generous amount of thick, chunky scallops given and the sauce is simply, beautifully created, elevated by the herbs within.
El Pulpo [Grilled Octopus Leg, “Viola” Mash Potato, Sauce Paprika] ($19) – This must be the most tender octopus leg ever. It takes very little effort to chew on them. The paprika lends a little heat and an interesting flavour to the dish. However, there wasn’t any mash potato as promised or is “Viola” mash some sort of invisible substance?
Cocido de Pescado [Tiger Prawns, Mussles, Clams, Calamari, Sea Bass cook in a White bean, Chirozo & Green Pea Base] ($25) – Major miscommunication here. Little did we realise that this wasn’t a paella dish when we ordered as it was under the category of “Paella”. In fact, I told the waiter I wanted seafood paella and promptly pointed to him the above name and he didn’t correct/advise me. The base of this dish turned out to be a mixture of peas, beans and what-nots, instead of Spanish rice. I’m the worst fan of peas and beans if you ask me but still, I did not return the dish. The tomato-based sauce was pretty enjoyable and the seafoods were gorgeous, in terms of freshness and taste. I can’t imagine how great my dinner would have been if this was paella instead. Don’t make the same mistake as me!

No doubt fresh seafood is their value proposition here, but I still can’t get over how steep the prices are, apart from the paella which is at $25 for 2. Oh well, that’s tapas for you. Pricing aside, it is definitely a place I would recommend for special occasions, as Sabio by the Sea promises a tasty meal and a beautiful view.

Sabio by the Sea

31 Ocean Way
#01-02 Quayside Isle
Tel: 66907568


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