The Halia Restaurant @ Raffles Hotel

The Halia has opened a new restaurant at the colonial-flavour Raffles Hotel some time back, offering both al-fresco and indoor seatings and an outdoor bar. The design of the restaurant is extremely classy, as though it was built with the hotel! I like their retro-monochrome floor tiles and the huge window panes on the circumference of the restaurant, with lots of greeneries.
DSC00206 DSC00209
[Signature] Halia Chilli Crabmeat Pasta ($25) – Unmistakably chilli crab sauce! Less spicy than its counterpart, it is still very yummy with lots of crabmeat – freshly peeled. The spaghetti was a little overcooked though. A dish unique to Halia, no doubt!
[Signature] Chilean Seabass ($46) – Fish cooked Japanese style. Not your usual teriyaki or miso baked fish, the very fresh seabass was wrapped in filo paper with Mirin sauce as its main flavouring, before being sent into the oven.  The result was a very sweet and pleasant broth, promptly soaked up by the shiitake and golden mushrooms, and a tender and moist fillet. The fish was accompanied by Japanese sushi rice on the side. A very memorable fish dish indeed!
Chilled Strawberry Soup ($12) – This is a must-order dessert! The liquid being poured was white sparkling wine, a smart choice to magnify the flavours of the ingredients. To my surprise, the strawberry soup was rather light, nothing close to a puree (thank goodness) and topped with an icy lime sobert. An amazing, refreshing and zesty dessert!
Sticky Toffee Pudding ($10) – Another must-order! If you ask me to choose between this and the strawberry soup, I’ll take forever to make a decision. The molten toffee sauce was gooey and to-die-for. The pudding was dense yet airy – am I contradicting myself? I guess you can’t describe good food entirely ‘cos you have to taste it to know it. A strong contender against P.S. Cafe’s, this one!
Outdoor Bar with a large wine collection.
Al-fresco Dining!
Look at these return vouchers and postcard that came together with my bill! The restaurant really made the extra effort to keep their customers coming back. The vouchers were aesthetically pleasing and provided a variety of meal services – they serve high tea too! I was truly impressed.

After a wonderful experience at The Halia Restaurant, I aim to one day go to the original Halia at Botanical Gardens! Service check; food check; ambience check! Highly recommended by Foodiepink. 🙂

The Halia Restaurant
1 Beach Road
#01-22/23 Raffles Hotel
Tel: 96391148


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