Baker & Cook @ 38 Martin Road

“Passion is our main ingredient”. Wow, an inspiring tagline for this cosy, little cafe at Martin Road that is a part-time cafe and a full-time bakery! While having brunch there, I saw many residents from estates around dropping by to get their staples. Upon entry, you’ll see a whole showcase display dedicated to breads and on top of the glass display are variants of them. No doubt, a passionate baker at Baker & Cook to have perfected every recipe.
Cuteness overload for the coffee art – a heart on laurel and a bulldog!! Oh yes, I totally whipped out my phone to instagram them.
Hot Chocolate ($5+) – Each drink comes with a delicious cube of brownie which was moist and soft. I really liked the hot chocolate here as it was very milky and hot, yet the chocolate flavour and aroma still cut across distinctively (note that I’m a dark chocolate lover). Most importantly, it’s not too sweet. Really brightened up a gloomy, rainy Sunday.
Latte ($5+)
Smoked Salmon Egg Benedicts ($19) – Yes, the hollandaise sauce was amazing – great consistency and taste. The eggs were perfectly poached and the generous smoked salmon slices were fresh!  However, my only and biggest qualm was that the bread slices were toasted too tough, which made the entire experience unpleasant as half the time I was tugging and cutting them into smaller pieces. 
Scrambled Eggs w Smoked Salmon ($18) – Similar to the egg benedicts, the bread was too tough. The scrambled eggs were creamy and flavourful though – tasted better than it looked. You can choose to go for bacon for your breakfasts.
Tomato & Bacon Quiche ($10) – This was pretty mediocre. The filling was nice (you can’t go wrong with tomato and bacon), but the tart shell was rather soggy. Up till now, the best quiche I’ve had is still from Carpenter & Cook
Walnut Caramel Bun ($4) – Request for this to be warmed up and the caramel becomes some gooey goodness! I liked how the walnut provided an extra crunch and bite and the bread had a dash of cinnamon within it. Sinful but just do it!
Jam Doughnut ($3) – Too sweet for my liking and it’s one of those pastries where you get uninterested after the first bite.
Lemon Tart ($5) – Whenever I have lemon tarts, I tend to compare them to my favourite one at Tiong Bahru Bakery. I love tart lemon fillings but this was again, a little too sweet for me [good for people who don’t like sour stuff]. The tart shell was not as hard as TBB’s, so approved!

Baker & Cook has its hits and misses. The egg dishes were definitely good and hearty – well, apart from the bread – so request for softer bread or ask them not to toast too long. It is a good cafe to hang out at with friends and chat the afternoon away while taking your time to taste all the breads/cakes/tarts/pastries they have to offer!

Baker & Cook
38 Martin Road
Tel: 66365965


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