Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine @ Marina Bay Sands

I love how Chinese cuisine can be extravagant and intricate in tastes and textures. Imperial Treasure Restaurant Group has proven its adequacy in providing and catering for different niche markets and occasions, from Imperial Treasure Kitchen for normal fares to their World’s No. 49 Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck. At Marina Bay Sands, the restaurant occupies a large floor space, consisting of several function rooms suitable for business/family gatherings; with Michelin-starred restaurants as its neighbours.
Peking Duck ($78/whole duck) – I just had to post 3 photos of the No. 49-affiliated Peking Duck at Imperial Super Peking Duck. Having tried peking ducks at both restaurants, I would say that the standard is consistent and you aren’t shortchanged just because the one at MBS was not accredited the award. No doubt the best Peking Duck in Singapore, its skin is so nicely roasted and crisped. I like how the chef de-skinned the duck without the usual gross layer of fats underneath. The flour pancakes are made as thin as possible to complement the duck skin. A tip is to eat the pancakes quickly, as they taste best warm. This dish is one of those that has to go up onto your bucket list!
Cod Fish w Black Fungus ($24/portion) – The cod was fresh and tender, drenched with a delicious gravy. A dish that is easy on the palette and I believe, very nourishing. Perfect for black-fungus lovers like myself!
Sharks’ Bone Soup w Fish Maw & Bamboo Piths ($30/bowl) – One of my favourite soups in Chinese cuisine. The broth has been cooked for long hours, siphoning nutrients and collagen from the sharks’ bones while the fresh fish maw were thick and chewy.
Stir-fried Asparagus w Garlic ($18/portion) – My top-choice for vegetables as it’s one of the most expensive amongst the usual seasonal vegetables you get to choose from the menu and they’re always crunchy when cooked well. Chicken stock has been added in the process of cooking, which made these asparaguses delicious!
Braised Sea Cucumber w Broccoli ($24/individual) – A huge and chunky one there, which tasted really good. The sea cucumber was executed very well such that it retains its chewiness without being undercooked. This is a good portion for 2 to share!
Osmanthus & Wolfberries Jelly Cubes/桂花糕 ($4.50 for 3) – Another one of my favourites that you don’t usually get in most Chinese restaurants. The jelly was very smooth; a refreshing and light dessert – just one bite and its gone!
Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bun/流沙包 ($4+ for 3) – My usual order for dimsum but it is served as desserts for dinner too! Imperial Treasure has the reputation of making yummylicious custard buns, so here you go – custard porn.

Imperial Treasure at MBS has consistently been serving quality and excellent-tasting food. The menu comprises of many classic and innovative dishes of poultries and seafood. Its location may be not be where most shoppers pass by, but trust me, it is highly popular and large tables of 10-12 people are always taken up. Call before you head over!

Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine
The Shoppes, Atrium 2, #02-04
(Access via The Shoppes Bay Level 1/ Lifts next to Casino)
Tel: 6688 7788


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