Prego @ Fairmount Hotel

Prego has been around for almost two decades or more and its decor has not changed since I was here as a kid. It used to be a popular Italian restaurant back in those days when choices were limited. I was surprised that it was nearly full house on a Wednesday night when I visited. There is a deli shop at the front of the restaurant where I used to pick up berry tarts and while it’s still there, the selection has definitely changed over the years.
A quick look at the menu and the prices are on the steeper side, with all pastas/risottos above $34. The pricing is probably justified with the use of fresh, homemade pastas – not a common practice in Singapore. My friend and I decided to share a 4-course dinner set for 1 at $55. 😛 Choices are availabe for your appetiser and main course.
Complimentary bread with 2 dips (cheese & anchovies) – The bread could have been warmer and the dips were rather fancy, though not superb.
Appetiser: Tuna Carpaccio, Frisee and Radish Salad w Bottarga – This was mediocre as the tuna was not as fresh as I had expected to be eaten raw.
Pasta: Black Truffle & Porcini Ravioli w Sweet Onion Sauce – This was a good dish, so much so that I wished we’ve ordered pastas instead. I liked how light in taste and texture this dish was and the sweet onion sauce was a good change from cream sauce that usually goes with raviolis.
Main Course: Roast Chicken in Porchetta and Rosemary Potatoes w Mustard Shallots Sauce – We were served chicken instead of the fish we ordered. The rosemary potatoes were simply amazing as it was a combination of crispy potato skin and soft, mushy potato inside. As for the chicken, let’s just say that you’ll enjoy it only if you like chicken breasts.
Dessert: Almond Tart w Gelato & Berries – I enjoyed this dessert as the almond tart was very fragrant, with puff pastry as its tart shell encasing the ice cream, which is not overly sweet.

Overall, I found Prego to be rather promising despite its misses. I would recommend ordering their pastas as they seem to be Prego’s strong suit. Also, don’t leave without having desserts!

Level 1, Fairmont Singapore
Tel: 6431 6156


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lils says:

    I went Prego last week and had the same set though we (me and the BF) also ordered a pizza to share.
    Didnt like the dessert – i felt the pastry was a little stale.
    The pizza was real good. Really liked the base – chewy and light. Delish.

    1. foodiepink says:

      Hi Lils,

      Sorry to hear that your pastry puff wasn’t as fresh and crisp like mine. Thanks for the recommendation though; I’ll go back to try their pizzas!


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