Shinjuku @ Cuppage Plaza

Cuppage Plaza seems to be an enclave for many authentic Japanese restaurants (and KTVs), with homely omakases served by the chefs and their family, and izakayas with menus in Japanese only. Upon entering Shinjuku, a small izakaya, you’ll be greeted by a Japanese lady in kimono and you’ll find yourself manuveuring between the small spaces of tables. With wood as the primary material in its design, it exudes a cosy, Japanese feel.    
Funny how the teacups are served on Tiger Beer coasters.
Appetiser of Japanese yam with miso paste & sesame – I absolutely loved the starchiness of the yam balls! Too bad they fill you up real quick, so try not to have extra servings. 😛
Oden ($8.60) – A very clear and light broth that is flavourful enough for the radish to soak up all the essence.
Pork Asparagus Yakitori ($3.60 each) & Garlic Pork Belly Yakitori ($3.10 each)- The former was too dry for my liking but the latter was a good choice as the pork had a fantastic seasoning to it.
Sweet Potato Tempura ($5.80) – Served piping hot and batter was done well! A fan of Japanese sweet potato myself, I really liked this cheap and good tempura!
Tofu and Wakame Salad ($12.80)- The fried wanton skin strips came as a bonus and I think I enjoyed them more than the salad itself. There was somehow a fishy taste to the wakame, which the sauce wasn’t strong enough to cover.
Grilled Squid with Salt  ($14.60) – Fresh grilled squid, cut thinly for convenient eating.
Inaniwa/ Cold Special Udon ($12) – Topped up an extra $1.20 for this special udon that is promised to be springier and indeed, the first mouthful of udon was unlike any other types of udon. The noodles were literally springing in my mouth. Definitely worth the extra buck for some cheap thrill!
Unagi Bento Set ($25) – One of the several bento sets for dinner.

A cosy eatery good for a quick and fuss-free meal as turnover of tables was very fast. There are a lot of Japanese alcohols to choose from, so you can always ask for recommendation if you fancy some. Lunch bentos start from a little above $10, so drop by if you want some quick, homely-food fix!

5 Koek Road, #01-01/02
Cuppage Plaza
Tel: 6734 8436


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