Japanese Dining SUN @ Chjimes

SUN is a Japanese restaurant that never fails. Under the same group is Sun with Moon at Wheelock Place, but I’m more fond of this one in Chjimes. In a blink of an eye, this outlet is already celebrating its 8th anniversary and as a gesture of goodwill, diners are rewarded with dining vouchers for their next visit!
DSC00062 DSC00069
Aburi Cheese Salmon and Aburi Foie Gras Sushi ($7) – SUN serves one of the better Aburi sushis, with a variety of toppings exclusively for Aburi Salmon ones. I love how the foie gras is portioned so generously, accompanied by a smaller-than-usual amount of rice for the former to stand out.
Tofu & Kani Cheese Yaki Tomato Sauce ($13.80) – I really liked the combination of textures from the silky tofu and gooey, melted cheese! The flavours were further enhanced by the tomato-based sauce and sliced brinjals. I would say unless you love all the ingredients within this dish, this dish won’t be for you as the tofu and brinjals are stacked together and after baking, the dish becomes mish-mash of the ingredients.
Agodashi Kushi Oden ($12.80) – Variety of skewered fishcake, radish, konnyaku stewed in flying fish stock or simply, Yong Tau Foo Japanese-style. I was pretty intrigued by the presentation of the oden as usually the ingredients are placed in a claypot but I liked how they are skewered like this, which makes eating fun! Also, it comes with a special soy-based/sesame sauce which is a nice addition, albeit unnecessary as the stock is sufficiently flavoured.
Sakeharasu & Yasai Tajin Nabe ($14.80) – This dish could be a main course on its own, when ordered with a bowl of rice. The salmon pieces were really tender and fresh and nothing can go wrong with miso!
Wagyu Yakiniku Don (mini) ($18) – My favourite dish here! The wagyu slices are really tender and well-seasoned and the poached yolk binds the fluffy rice grains together perfectly. Best of all, you get wagyu under $20!
Hokkaido Ramen (mini) ($10) – This used to be my favourite ramen before all the independent ramen shops started mushrooming. It has a very thick and intense soup base, accompanied by yellow Hokkaido ramen noodles and my favourite sweet corn. A good size to go with all the side dishes you can’t miss out on! 
Cheese Cake Mori ($10) – Featuring Créme Brûlée, Tofu, Caramel and New York Cheesecake. I have always been a fan of their Tofu Cheesecake as it’s very light and velvety, literally tofu-like. After trying its variants, I concluded that the other flavours were too heavy and dense for me, especially the New York Cheesecake, and the Caramel one tasted nothing like how caramel tastes. I shall be loyal next time and just stick to my Tofu Cheesecake (served elegantly within a wooden cage). 😛
If you’re bursting at the seams by the end of dinner, you can walk around the mesmerising chapel vicinity!

Based on my past experiences here, Japanese Dining SUN serves consistently quality and delicious food. Service staff are attentive and the chefs come up with new seasonal dishes regularly. It’s one of those restaurants which keeps you coming back year after year.

Japanese Dining SUN
30 Victoria Street
#02-01, Chjimes 
Tel: 6336 3166


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