Tanuki Raw @ Orchard Central

My expectation forTanuki Raw was exceptionally high after I saw a really long queue snaking towards the escalator on a weekday night. I vouched to come back here again soon but to my surprise, when I was there on a Saturday afternoon, there wasn’t a single soul [excluding staff] at nearly 1. That should have been a huge warning sign, that I happily ignored.
The restaurant’s industrial setting with the display of oysters at the counter, which they are known for.
DSC09899DSC09900 DSC09906
Salmon & Scallop Sashimi ($12 for 5 pieces of salmon and $20 for 5 pieces of scallop) – The sashimi pieces were placed on a plate with ice underneath so I could happily proceed with my protocol of photo-taking without fearing that the freshness of the seafood will be compromised. The scallops were rather plump but nothing I couldn’t get elsewhere.
Fried Salmon Skin ($5) – I prefer having fried salmon skin in Chinese restaurants as this was too hard for my liking. It was weird how they tasted like ikan bilis too. Thank goodness for the chilli which saved the day!
ASC Tunuki Roll ($10) – ASC stands for asparagus, salmon and cheese. To be honest, I was very disappointed with the presentation of the dish as it looked as though the chef was having a hangover. The sushi pieces were not even cut up equally. Thankfully, the roll tasted better than it looked but these puny, shabby-looking sushis do not justify the $10 I’m paying.
Healthy Pig ($10) – The Japanese sushi interpretation of a classic Italian starter? Healthy no doubt, but yet another no-brainer I feel. I like the concept of transforming my Italian starter into a sushi roll but more effort has to be put into its execution.

Despite how disappointing lunch was at Tanuki Raw, I can’t help but feel that I have to give it another try, during its dinner service. Citibank is currently having a 1-for-1 sushi and sashimi promotion so the Sashimi was in fact really value for money. Also, when drinks are ordered during happy hour, oysters come at only $1 each!! I’ve heard great reviews about their oysters which have been specially flown in so I’ll definitely encourage oyster-lovers to try Tanuki Raw. I believe that there is a reason as to why Tanuki Raw is totally empty in the day and becomes the live of the mall by night.

Tanuki Raw
Orchard Central, #02-03
Tel: 66365949


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