Spathe Public House @ Mohamed Sultan

If you’ve noticed, Spanish cuisine seems set to become increasingly mainstream and popular with more and more tapas restaurants joining the scene. One thing I like about Spanish food is that you can have an endless unique creation of tapas and you seldom find identical flavours/tapas between 2 restaurants/tapas bars. 
Inside Spathe, it feels like you’ve been transported to another country. Exposed brick wall, customised graffiti, indoor lightwell and overhanging  filament bulbs – too much love here! Like most Spanish restaurants, Spathe offers a selection of tapas and small bites and “mammoth” dishes for communal sharing.
Grilled Jumbo Prawn Salad (Seaonal Price) – Nothing can go wrong with honey mustard sauce in my opinion! I loved the fresh, springy prawns.  A light starter to cleanse your palatte.
Small Bites: Garlic Fries ($6)- Time to move over, truffle fries. These crisp garlic fries were so aromatic and flavour-packed! Some seriously addictive stuff and it’s half the price of its counterpart!
Yellow Fin Tuna Poke ($18) – Essentially a tuna tatare. I rarely eat avocado and fried shallots but these ones here made me change my mind. The avocado was creamy, complementing the citrusy yuzu dressing well while the shallots lent an extra crunch. One of the better tuna tatares around for sure! 
12 Hour Slow-cooked Pork Belly ($24) – This dish fell short of my expectation. The pork was not well-marinated and I wouldn’t have known that the pork has been cooked for long hours if not being stated on the menu. The poached egg and potato mash were good though.

I will come back here just for their Garlic Fries! It’s unfortunate how tapas can be so expensive for puny portions but Spanish food proves to be a good change from the usual Asia-Pacific fare. I would say that Spathe is a very good place to chill and hang out at, if you have the bucks to spare or simply, go in bigger groups!

Spathe Public House
8 Mohamed Sultan Road, #01-01 
Tel: 67351035


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