Pasta Vista @ East Coast Road

Sometimes Groupon deals can be very useful in uncovering gems that you may otherwise not patronise. This time round, I’ve found a new favourite pasta shop near my house! Within a week, I’ve returned for dinner a second time (yes, it was that good). In fact, I’m planning my next visit already!

Pasta Vista is a contemporary Italian restaurant that has been opened for just 5 months. I am surprised that there were no hiccups during both my visits for a rather new restaurant and the food standards have remained consistent, despite the great surge of diners from Groupon.

Apple Coleslaw ($4.90) – I thought this was rather mediocre and the salad was lacking the flavours of apples. The apple cubes were not crunchy too. DSC09855
BBQ Chicken Wings ($8.90) – This was a fantastic starter! Served hot from the oven, the chicken wings were very juicy, tender and well-seasoned. Highly recommended!
A must-order is this signature pasta: Baby Crayfish Pasta with Cold Poached Egg in Tomato Cream Sauce ($12.90). I’ve been constantly craving for this dish as you simply can’t get this anywhere else. Used solely for this dish, is a thicker kind of tubular spaghetti, which is perfect for me as I like my noodles thick and hard, akin to the texture of meehoonkueh! The sauce has a tinge of spiciness from chilli padi, which goes well with the creamy tomato base. If your idea of creamy tomato sauce is a mixture of cream- and tomato-based sauces, it is actually far from that. This orange sauce has a magical taste to it, elevated by the sweetness of the baby crayfish and tomato, while the cream creates a velvety texture. The egg is simply heavenly [note the egg porn above], with the star of the dish – the baby crayfish – generously spread onto the pasta. Furthermore, the inclusion of mentaiko had resulted in an explosion of pleasurable flavours, literally.
Seafood Aglio Olio ($12.90) – This dish seems to pale in comparison as opposed to the Baby Crayfish pasta but it’s nonetheless a very enjoyable one.Image
Prawn Pasta in Yuzu Sauce (bottom, $11.90)- Why hasn’t anyone used Yuzu in pastas yet? It makes such a good ingredient as the taste of yuzu perpetuates throughout the sauce, yet it is not overpowering. Pure ingenuity. [p.s.: this photo was taken during my 1st visit, w/o my NEX]

I feel that when small eateries are run by their bosses, such as Pasta Vista, service becomes more personal and they go out of their way to ensure that the entire meal is enjoyable. Pasta Vista definitely prides itself in its Contemporary Italian cuisine where authentic pasta dishes are given interesting twists that work in ways that I wouldn’t have fathomed, yet they do not stray far from tradition.

You know what, I’ll be coming back here over and over again. 🙂

Pasta Vista
95 East Coast Road
Tel: 63489097


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