The Fabulous Baker Boy @ The Foothills

Everyone has been raving about The Fabulous Baker Boy and I’ve been dying to come down here myself to check out their cakes, being a die-hard dessert fan.
Glorious display of cakes!
The cafe is nestled beside the National Park Information Centre at The Foothills, opposite Liang Court. It’s mainly outdoor sitting with only a 4-seater counter table within the cafe itself. Hence, it can get pretty warm in the afternoons.
Loved this seating space! As you can tell from the flooring and pillar, the shop-space has mostly been left untouched, giving off a very retro vibe.
Retro fridge and radio!
LEFT: Dark Orange Sparkling Juice – This was a life-saver under such hot weathers!
Green Tea Cake & Red Velvet Cake ($7~8)!
The cakes are no doubt delicious but they won’t keep me coming back for more. The green tea frosting was very silky and smooth but the sponge lacked the X factor. On the other hand, the red velvet cake was very light in texture, to my surprise, and instead of cream cheese frosting, a layer of chocolate ganache coats the cake. Chocolate lovers will be glad to find this interesting twist to the red velvets. The cafe is really lovely for tea with a group of friends though and I’ll probably pop by for the brunch!

The Fabulous Baker Boy
The Foothills, 70 River Valley Road
Tel: 66948336
Check out their fabulous cake creations!


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