Table Manners @ Changi City Point

Little would I have known that the mall within the clusters of office will be so funky! Along with Table Manners, is a row of restaurants and bars that are perfect for after-hours chilling (and pigging out).
Entrance to the indoor seating area. Al-fresco dining area is available too if you want to soak up the atmosphere from the live music next door!
Table placemats designed specially for quick convo-starters!
Communal table
Good home design ideas!!
Even the napkins are themed! A+ for effort!
DSC09442     DSC09453
LEFT: Pictures of utensil-styling and funny quotes!
RIGHT: Watermelon Mint Mocktail ($9) – I didn’t expect my drink to turn out yellow but it was definitely a nice change from the usual red ones. It’s a very refreshing drink to kick-start a fantastic meal but too bad the watermelon chunks at the bottom were to chunky to go through the straw. There is also a list of cocktails to choose from, created by the funky Bar Stories in Haji Lane.
Ebiko Mussels ($6)- I think the trick to getting such juicy mussels is to blow-torch the toppings, and not bake them together with the mussels! The ebiko-cheese-mayo topping doesn’t steal away the flavours from the mussels and I think Table Manners has perfected this dish.
Classic Foie Gras Crostini ($12) – Very affordable for 2 huge chunks of foie gras! I felt that this was comparable to the one I had at Ku Dé Ta (yes, seriously). Those livers were so plump and fatty and well-executed. This creamy texture of the foie gras is then contrasted with a well-toasted crostini. I wiped the entire dish by myself and if not for the cholesterols, I’d have gotten a seconds!
Truffle Capellini ($18) – The moment this plate was delivered to the table, I could smell the truffle essence within it. Essentially, this was homemade mushroom soup with pasta and truffle oil. What makes this dish special is the uncooked yolk that binds (literally) all the elements together. Pure indulgence.
King’s Burger ($16)- The dish comes with truffle fries on the side which I didn’t fancy as it was a little soggy with minimal truffle taste. On the other hand, the burger patty was very tasty, consisting of 70% beef and 30% pork! There’re bacon strips and a sunny-side-up accompanying it.
Chocolate Caramel Tart ($6.50) & Jasmine Creme Brulee ($6.50) –  The chocolate tart was Divine, with a capital D. The taste of sea salt and dark chocolate was perfectly balanced and the “oomph” factor was there right from the first bite. Paling in comparison was the creme brulee, which was not at all bad too. It had a thick layer of caramelised sugar, a pre-requisite of good creme brulees and I had a delightful moment cracking through it. My only qualm is that the jasmine flavour was almost negligible.

Table Manners is a cafe/restaurant that I will go back to without a doubt. I would say that their starters are a must-try!

Table Manners
#01-68/69 Changi City Point
5 Changi Business Park Central 1
Tel: 6604 7669


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