Tea Cosy @ Plaza Singapura


Now, as you can see, Tea Cosy is a really pretty (and big) cafe within a shopping mall, situated just beside Spotlight! I was here previously for tea and I’ve decided to return to try their unique ala-carte dishes.DSC08396
I love their mismatched floral fabrics that dressed the tables and chairs and the porcelain cupids adorning the wooden walls! Once inside, you feel a sense of cosiness and you’d be drawn to explore every single corner of the cafe. Should any item catch your eye, you’d be happy to know that most are up for purchase!DSC08410
A vintage weighing scale that I really liked but it’d have set be back at $250…DSC08408
Tangy Tomato & Crabmeat Soup ($8.95) – This was pretty diluted in my opinion but decent amount of crabmeat for the price! 😛DSC08416
Tea Cosy Signature Laska Pasta ($15.95)  – I really liked this rendition of Laksa and the use of Penne was a good choice as the pasta tubes were filled with its wonderful gravy. The cucumber strips really added a different dimension to the dish with its crunchy and refreshing elements. The prawns however, were not as succulent and QQ as I would like them to be. Still a memorable dish that I’d crave from time to time though!   IMG_0293
And… I managed to dig out a photo from my previous visit at Tea Cosy last year! Pictured are their signature drinks: Minty Chocolate Coffee ($6.95), Hot Chocolate ($6.95), and English Scones ($7.95). The drinks tasted awesome from my memory and the scones were delicious too! Perfect mid-day treats I would say.

I’ll definitely be back at Tea Cosy as they’re few places in Plaza Singapura that has put as much effort in their decor. This place sure reminds me of those obscure indie cafes but as Tea Cosy is so conveniently located, no sweat at all! Be sure to drop by if you’re in the vicinity and bring along your camera!

Tea Cosy
Plaza Singapura, Level 5
Tel: 6341 9318


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