Buffet: Lime @ Park Royal, Pickering


This blogpost is wayy overdue as I’ve visited Lime 2 months ago when they were still having a UOB card promotion whereby the 3rd diner dines free with every 2 paying adults. I did a quick check on the UOB privileges site and it’s no longer listed. 😦 So, the usual price for buffet dinner would be $58++ per person.

I’m still writing this post because I had a very enjoyable buffet dinner at Lime, apart from sub-par service standards, which I hope they have improved over these 2 months. Note that this will be a photo-laden post! 😛
Park Royal Hotel at Pickering Road opened just a few months ago, at the beginning of the year. I was here for a staycation and fell mad in love with the decor of the hotel! As it’s a green/eco hotel, you’ll see plants everywhere and interestingly, the corridors along the hotel rooms are non-conditioned!
The grand entrance to the only restaurant in the hotel – Lime. The lifts on the left side of the photo grant all hotel guests access to the beautiful swimming pool on the 5th floor!
Being greeted first by desserts (even before the staff)!
Comfortable and intimate settings of tables with glass-to-ceiling window panes for natural lighting.
Salad Section which has a selection of Duck Salad, Prawn Salad, DIY salad etc.
Bread and Cheese Section
Cold Cuts Section – absolutely loved the Parma Ham!
Tip: get slices of melon from the dessert counter together with the parma ham and you’ll have a classic Italian starter!
Cold Seafood Section – Scallops, Oysters, Prawns, Mussels
Japanese Sushi Section
Thai Salad Section 
My first round of dinner. Note how their plates were shaped for better gripping!
Chinese Section – I especially loved their wok-fried noodles (not pictured) and kept going back for more!
Chinese Section – Wanton Noodles made upon order.
Western Section – Pasta made upon order. I loved their pastas but the funny thing was that there were no condiments for me to choose and I had to have my pasta plain with either of the 3 sauces.
Western Section – Chicken, Grilled Vegetable, Lamb
Round 2! The delicious Chinese noodles on the plate was what I was talking about earlier, as well as my plain pasta!
Pretty cakes on display! Desserts-wise, there were many pastries and mini desserts to choose from, including tiramisu (very yummy), bread and butter pudding, mango sago, nonya cakes and etc.!
Fresh fruits which were replenished promptly.
This was taken on the 5th floor where the swimming pool is located at. Look at how pretty those cages are! They overlook Singapore’s CBD area, so you can feast your eyes with a scenic view after satisfying your tummy!

I believe Lime would especially be popular with people working around the CBD area but I feel that it’s great place for families too! The variety of food and flavours will certainly appeal to the tastebuds of the locals and it’s time to check out this brand new buffet restaurant!

Lime Restaurant
Park Royal Hotel
3 Upper Pickering St
Tel: 6809 8888


4 Comments Add yours

  1. it doesn’t look like it’s worth going. $58 and nothing really worth the bucks, from your photos.

    1. foodiepink says:

      In my opinion, photos can never do justice to the quality and taste of food delivered and again, that is subjective too. As I have tried most of the 5-star hotel buffets, I would say that Lime is pretty good in terms of quality, though maybe not so much in variety but please keep in mind that buffet restaurants in 5-star hotels charge at least $70-90 for buffet dinners. I believe I have justified my view and thanks for the comment.

      1. Oh i don’t mean any offense at your photos. Please forgive me. I mean, from your photos, there isn’t much variety and there are no crabs, oysters or expensive food, that’s why it doesn’t look like it’s worth going. But since you say the quality is good, then it must be worth it. 🙂

      2. foodiepink says:

        Haha thanks for the clarification. Lime does serve oysters if you see the photo above. But I personally love Azur as well, as they serve lobsters at the same price point. Maybe you can look out for their next card promotion cos that’ll definitely be a steal! 🙂

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