Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant @ Gardens by the Bay


The only Chinese restaurant at Gardens by the Bay, Majestic Bay is opened by the same group behind Jing at One Fullerton. The restaurant boasts a live seafood display, including lobsters from numerous countries, oysters and clams! Their signature seafood dish is their Kopi-flavoured Live Crab.

I was here however, for Sunday dimsum brunch! Very unfortunately, I was informed that their famous Seared Chilli Crab Meat Bun was sold out for the day!! Mind you, I was there at 1pm. If you do not want to end up in a heart-broken situation like mine, get down there early! AND with reservation made the day before, cos they’re really popular.
Well, at least I got to enjoy live fish interaction while waiting for my turn.
Sweet Corn Soup ($7) – One of the best, if not the best sweet corn soup ever. The soup was very flavourful and sweet, with a good consistency (ie. not too starchy). The chef preparing this must had been in a very good mood that day as there were lots of crab meat and corn in it! Extremely value for money!
Crispy White Bait, Thai Style ($8) – The tangy chilli sauce makes the ideal dressing for these white baits that were fried to perfection. Be warned that they are highly addictive!
Mee Sua with Baby Abalone ($23 approx.) – The baby abalones were flavour-packed and extremely tender. The preparation of this dish brought out the best of the abalones. A definite winner, in my opinion.
Har Kao/ Steamed Prawn Dumplings ($5.20) – Har Kao may be the most basic item on the dimsum menu, but it reveals the standard of a restaurant most. Here, the prawns were extremely fresh, plump and juicy while the skin was thin and springy. Thumbs up!!
Steamed Rice Roll with Scallops & Asparagus ($5.50) – Just a word to sum this up – lackluster. The rice roll sheets were so thick and dense that I could barely taste the scallops.
Xiao Long Bao/ Steamed Pork Dumpling ($4.50) – This was rather tasty!
Steamed Squid in Sambal Sauce ($5.50) – Yet another memorable dish! The sambal sauce was not overpowering and the squid was steamed just right. The vermicelli at the bottom came as a bonus! 😀
Liu Sha Bao/ Steamed Custard Bun ($4.80) – These sure didn’t disappoint either! The bun was soft but sturdy enough to hold the liquid essence within it!
Mango Pomelo ($6) – I have no idea why the green chendol jelly was in this dessert but it definitely was out of place. In fact, I thought that my money could have been better spent with another bowl of Sweet Corn Soup! I found the pomelo too dry and tough and there was a lack of fresh mango cubes to satisfy a Mango-Sago lover like me.

Overall, I was very happy with the food served at Majestic Bay and service was prompt. No doubt, seafood is their main draw, which had been greatly exemplified in my soup and noodle dishes! Also, I am definitely coming back here again for their sold-out Chilli Crab Bun!!


Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant
Gardens by the Bay, #01-10
(Near exit of the Flower Dome, next to escalator)
Tel: 6604 6604


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  1. stumbled upon your blog and it looks all so yummy! will be following 🙂

    1. foodiepink says:

      Aww thanks a lot! I just read your blog as well and got to know about those weekend markets at The Grandstand. Can’t wait to check them out!

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