Akashi Sushi @ Vivocity

Akashi Sushi currently has 3 branches – Tanglin, Paragon and the latest addition at Vivocity. Queues can get pretty long during dinner time, so I would recommend going early, or make a reservation beforehand!

iPads used as menus (only at Vivo)! I feel that although the younger generations will use this technology with ease, older people may encounter some trouble using them.
Salmon Sashimi (4 portions pictured here -$3.60/portion) – The salmon sashimi is relatively fresh but since it’s so cheap, I don’t think I have any major problem with it!
Surf Clam Sushi; Inari Sushi; Lobster Salad Sushi; Aburi Hotate Sushi – The sushis come with a minimum of two pieces, which means that you’ll have to mentally double the price you see on the iPad menu.
Gyoza – I thought these were disappointing. They tasted more like boiled wanton than crispy pan-fried gyozas.
Salmon Fish Head Miso Soup – This was pleasant in terms of taste and the ingredients were plentiful.
Prawn Ramen ($6) – This was really delicious! Even though it has no resemblance to any kind of ramen, the noodles were smooth and springy! I loved the accompanying sauce and those freshly-peeled prawns. As the portion is rather small, it would be good to have it with some sushis to complete a meal!
Chicken Yakitori with Poached Egg – This dish is my absolute favourite and it’s a pity that not all Japanese restaurants serve this! As you can see, the egg is to-die-for. I would say, gently poke the egg, scoop the liquid yolk onto the stick of chicken paste and you’re in chicken/egg heaven!
Sushi & Soba Set ($16) – Their set meals are reasonably-priced and they have a list of bento sets to choose from as well.

Akashi Sushi actually reminds me of Itacho Sushi, with a plethora of sushi creations and side dishes to choose from, at relatively cheap prices. If you want cheap, decent and fuss-free Japanese food, this will be the place to go to! If I were to be back, it’s purely just for their Chicken Yakitori with Poached Egg cos it’s just oh-so-good.

Akashi Sushi
Vivocity, Basement 2
Tel: 6376 9972


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  1. ernest says:

    Glad you like the iPad eMenu system 🙂 it is done by my company – aptsys. the same system as timbre, akashi, grandma, peach garden etc…
    The older folks love to the system, as they do not like to wave for waiter to serve them. The design follows the tradition menu with tabs and picture so not much reading is require 🙂

    It seems my parent who dislike desktop PC, accept the ipad readily.

    1. foodiepink says:

      Hi Ernest, thank you for dropping by my blog! Glad that the system is well-received by our parent’s generation too. This system definitely beats having servers hurrying us for orders, or lack thereof. I look forward to having more of your company’s system implemented in other restaurants! Cheers! 🙂

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