Kuriya Dining @ Great World City

All these years, Kuriya has remained as one of my favourite Japanese restaurants in Singapore, and I feel that I just have to share this gem on my blog.

Kuriya Dining is best known for their Kuriya Lunch Course which features the freshest, seasonal ingredients of the month (yep, menu is changed monthly). At $45/person, you get to enjoy an appetizer, grilled item, braised item, sushi, soup and dessert! If you add an additional $15, your sushi item will be upgraded to a premium one.
Appetiser: Deep-fried Silver Fish with Green Laver, Boiled White Bait with Grated White Radish, Simmered Octopus, Braised Baigai Shellfish, King Crab with Crab Gut & Mayo – Over here at Kuriya Dining, presentations are exquisite and you’ll always have an array of small “tapas” as your appetizer. In this dish, the seafoods were cooked without much fuss as they were really fresh, allowing their true essence to shine!
Grilled Item: Marukoban, Sakura Shrimps & Potato Paste Pancake with Deep-fried Cream Cheese & Wasabi in Gyoza Skin – I really love how the Chefs at Kuriya recreate Japanese dishes with a modern twist. Apparently, Sakura Shrimps are in season now and these were deep-fried to crisp! Fish was grilled to perfection too.
Braised Item: Braised Pork Belly in Pie Crust served with Flying Fish Roe in Paprika Sauce – This was absolutely divine. The sauce was out of the world – I can’t imagine how anyone can recreate the sauce. The pie crust was perfect with its light, fragrant, buttery smell. The pork belly was very tender as well. Who knew that pork pie actually works?
Sushi (with upgrade) – Spot that piece of Toro (tuna belly)! With a $15 upgrade, you’ll be getting premium sushis (Toro included always)! I love how the shrimp on the sushi is so huge and the head was deep-fried! No wastage at all.
Dessert: Tiramisu, Ice Cream & Fruits – A sweet and light note to end a wonderful meal!

Without any doubt, Kuriya Dining serves very high-quality Japanese food that never fails to impress. Every month, I look forward to visiting Kuriya to taste their new creations! The staff here are very friendly and often know customers by name. Reservation is a must as they have a lot of regulars – no surprise there! 😀

Kuriya Dining
Great World City, Level 1 (Access via the Office Tower)
1 Kim Seng Promenade
Tel: 6736 0888


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