LP + Tetsu by Laurent Peugeot @ Tanglin Mall

LP+Tetsu is the brainchild of one-Michelin-Star Chef Laurent Peugeot and the local Food Junction Holdings Limited. The restaurant serves a modern fusion of French-Japanese cuisine with exquisite platings and innovative food preparation.
LP+Tetsu has an open-kitchen concept just at the front of the restaurant, where they perform their magic.
There is a private dining room that can accommodate up to 10 people to provide a more intimate dining experience, with a dedicated waiter. If you’ve noticed, the glass centre-pieces in the middle of the table were in fact mini tanks with fish inside! Also, the lamps above the table change colours at regular intervals! I personally loved the entire table setting. Please note that spending at the private room is at least $500 for lunch and $1000 for dinner.

For lunch, LP+Tetsu serves set lunches at $45/person, consisting of a starter, main and dessert. With an addition of $15 to the set meal, one can enjoy a glass of red/white wine and a cup of coffee/green tea! There are degustation menus to choose from, as well as ala-carte dishes. In my post, I will be reviewing their $45 set lunches for the month of April (they change their set menus monthly), as well as ala-carte dishes!
The private room directly faces the open kitchen so diners will be able to see all the action behind the scenes!
Amuse-Bouche & Bread – Amuse-bouche is present in most French cuisines and they’re served for free at the beginning of the meal to give a preview of the chef’s culinary style. The egg-shell containers were served in the egg carton, containing a light egg custard (and some seafood that I’ve forgotten). It reminded me of Japanese chawamushi but these were served chilled! The bread skewer included a brioche and a baguette bun, served warm. The brioche was aaaamazing! The exterior was almost puff-like, opening to many layers of bread and a really soft interior.
Amuse-Bouche – I’m still trying to find words to describe this amazing trio. Each dome-shaped gelatin-film was filled with liquid essence, sitting atop a cracker. These are bite-sized explosives as they pop inside your mouth, revealing Spinach, Tomato and Foie Gras flavours respectively. This must be the most creative dish I’ve tasted. Laurent Peugeot has definitely brought the definition of ‘modern food’ to a whole new level.
Tapas Platter ($65) -Duck Liver Truffle, Smoked Salmon, Ham, Oyster, Eggplant Cavier were some of the tapas present in this plate of pretty things. This would be a good plate to share and pass around the table as it proved to be a crowd pleaser with the array of choices.
LEFT: Tuna Tataki ($45) – 6 slices of tuna with miso sauce and pink Sakura jelly. This is not your usual sashimi. Tuna was fresh but the cut of the fish was somehow different from the tuna sashimi I am familiar with, which made the meat less tender. The sauce was a good substitute for soy sauce but the Sakura jelly was quite tasteless.
RIGHT: Breadsticks
Starter: Salmon Chirashi – Freshly-diced salmon sits above brown rice with sesame, topped with strips of egg. It won me over as a very refreshing and light starter.
Starter: Japanese Wagyu Beef Tartare – Chopped raw Wagyu beef with the Perfect Egg on top. You would ask what constitutes a perfect egg? Apparently, the yolk and whites were cooked separately at exactly 90 seconds. Don’t ask me what else they did in order to achieve this ‘perfect effect’. It was my first time trying raw, uncooked beef and I thought they tasted like any other raw fish! No gamey taste at all. Granted, it was Wagyu afterall. Thumbs up up!
Main: Pork Loin – The pork was coated with peanut and miso, served with purple sweet potato and dehydrated carrot. I did not get to try this but the feedback I gathered was that this dish was not very well-received.
Main: Pan Fried Sea Bass Fillet – This was my main course and I was absolutely sold. The sea bass was pan-fried to perfection as the meat was really tender and I could taste the freshness of the fish. It was cooked with honey yuzu juice and the foamy emulsions were pretty funky!
Beaufort Cheese in Creme Brulee – No idea what this was suppose to be, but nah, not a fan of it.
Amuse-bouche before Desserts – To my surprise, this trio was served again after our savoury courses, before desserts!! This time round, the flavours were Lychee Rose, Peach and Blackcurrent. Again, the flavours were simply mind-blowing, even orgasmic. It’s a very smart way of showing consistency throughout the meal, analogous to a piece of Symphony where the theme returns once again before the end!
LEFT: Dessert: Strawberry Smoothie – At LP+Tetsu, you’re in for many surprises. There is a white ‘Mystery Egg’, covered by gold films, on top of the strawberry smoothie. I shall not reveal the surprise inside ‘cos you should go try it for yourself! All the contents inside, including the shell are edible!
RIGHT: Cafe Latte
Dessert: Pistachio and Chocolate Bar – The yellow cylinder is actually passionfruit sobert!! A very very good dessert! Every bite comes with a conglomeration of sobert, cake and chocolate. Such a perfect dessert. 🙂
Petit Fours – (Top to Bottom Tier) Chocolate Granula from Japan, Chocolate-covered Almonds, Homemade Strawberry Marshmallow, Orange Chocolate Candies. Unlimited servings! Rejoice!

At LP+Tetsu, dishes both look and taste impressive! In my opinion, their set lunches are very value-for-money as the dishes are very creative and I can’t imagine the amount of effort put into each and every dish which consists of several components. Definitely A+ for effort there. Service was bespoke as well. Looking forward to the subsequent monthly menus put together by Chef Laurent Peugeot, and I wonder what he has up his sleeve!

LP+Tetsu by Laurent Peugeot
3rd Level, Tanglin Mall
163 Tanglin Rd
Tel: 6836 3112
Reservations can be made on LP+Tetsu site


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  1. livemanequins says:

    looks amazing 🙂

    1. foodiepink says:

      Yep, Chef LP’s creations are really fabulous!! Definitely highly recommended 🙂

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