Ladurée @ Ngee Ann City

Ladurée, the French macaron house, has finally finally opened its doors in Singapore on Monday! The boutique is on Level 2 of Ngee Ann City while its take-away counter is (appropriately) tucked between LV and Chanel on Level 1. I would recommend going to the boutique on the second level for a complete, wonderful Ladurée experience!
Prettiest display windows!!
Macarons galore!!
I love love love the entire decor of the small boutique. It was very well-lit with rows and columns of shelves displaying beautiful boxes to contain these intricate macarons, as well as merchandises on the opposite side.
Large selections of merchandises were available for purchase ranging from candles, perfumes to keychains (priced at $70+ each)!
I wish I could have this display in my house. Everything here looks so girly and happy!
My selected blue box – priced at $32 for 6 macarons.
Only after purchasing did I realise that these boxes were “charged”.
Technically, each macaron costs $3.80 and a box of 8 macarons packed in Classic Box costs $30.40.
Hence, my selection of this pretty box shortchanged me of 2 macarons. But seriously, I doubt anyone could resist pretty packagings. 😛 Also, as the boxes are lined, they can be kept without being stained by the macaron shells/fillings!
Flavours from left: Chocolate Coconut (Seasonal), Strawberry Marshmallow (Seasonal), Rose, Salted Caramel, Chestnut (Seasonal) & Salted Caramel again – Rose was definitely my favourite! The light scent of rosewater was perfumed throughout the macaron and the strawberry marshmallow was a strong contender too! The marshmallow filling was chewy and gummy, with the sugar crystals providing an extra edge to the macaron.

Ladurée is definitely my favourite macaron brand in Singapore as they are not too sweet (such that I can have 4 at a go), their colourings do not turn me off and the macaron shells have the perfect consistencies. The perfect macaron I would say. The standards here are definitely on par with those back in UK, but sad to say, certain elements of magic are still lost when brands are being franchised out of their country of origin.

Ngee Ann City Level 1 & 2


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