Restaurant Week: Gaia @ Goodwood Park Hotel

I had chosen to dine at Gaia during Restaurant Week after reading all the good reviews about it! Restaurant Week set lunch menu was priced at $40++ per person, consisting of an appetizer, main course and dessert! Gaia is a very spacious restaurant and bar, divided into different spaces, with a choice of outdoor seating where jazz music was played! The decor of the restaurant is very elegant and classy, giving it a modern-European vibe.
Service at Gaia was impeccable. Once seated, I was thanked for patronising the restaurant and subsequently served with water. The waiters were dressed in blazers and very professional in demeanor and service! They definitely made me feel like a valued diner.
Bread Basket: Love the variety of bread, served warm! They were really soft and fluffy and the squarish bread was actually tomato bread!
Starter – Mixed Fresh Mesculan Salad served with Marinated Sardine in Soar Style: I was initially skeptical with this dubious-sounding dish but my doubts were unfounded! A very refreshing salad with a whole marinated sardine and interesting dressing made this dish almost exotic! However, I felt the portion was a little too big for starters and I got a little sick of the sardine after that.
Starter – Tartar of Fresh Yellow Fin Tuna with Sliced Cucumber, Fennel and Orange Sauce: Love the clean lines and shapes of this dish! Tuna was very fresh and I thought this was a really great starter!
Main – Braised Veal Cheek with Truffled Potato: The veal was very tender and well-marinated. The star of this dish must be the truffled potato which was very creamy and smooth and moderately perfumed with truffles. One of the best I’ve tried yet!
Main – Oven-baked Cod Fish with Lobster Soup and Crispy Sardinia Bread: The lobster soup was absolutely gorgeous (if I may describe my food this way). I could have a whole pot of this lobster soup to myself!! Of course the fish excellently-cooked as well. All restaurants should have their fish cooked like Gaia’s.
Dessert – Combination of Vanilla Cooked Cream topped with Hot Mixed Berries: Beautiful presentation – I’ve always loved dishes with the “deconstructed” look. Basically, this is panna cotta with berry compote and crumbles. The pudding was served really cold which made its contrast with the hot compote distinct.
Dessert – Apple Cake in Grandmother-style: The muffin-like cake was too dense for my liking and I’d choose the previous dessert over this anytime.

Lunch at Gaia was indeed memorable. I took a quick look at their ala-carte menu, which included pastas and rissotos and they sounded really promising! My only grouse would be the fact that the tables were placed too near each other, making private conservations at the table uncomfortable.

Gaia Ristorante & Bar
22 Scotts Road
Goodwood Park Hotel
Tel: 67359937


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