Omakase Burger @ The Grandstand

The highly-raved Omakase Burger! I love anything Omakase haha! There’s a selection of burgers that you can choose from – mainly add-ons (eg. bacon, mushrooms) to your cheeseburger. Also, you can choose from Sweet Potato Fries, Truffle Fries etc.
This is only half of the restaurant with more tables behind!
Homemade Lemonade: A very refreshing drink from the very first sip! It’s good to wash all the grease down with this one.
Sweet Potato Fries: I love their sweet potato fries! Dips (eg. ketchup, chilli sauce, mustard) and pickles are provided at a table!
Omakase Cheeseburger: This is their original burger! You can choose how well-done your patty is at the counter. Personally, I think medium-well will be the best choice since the beef patty gets more and more tender towards the centre. I can’t pinpoint why but this burger was love at first bite. There is a very aromatic charcoal-grill taste to the burger and the cheese nicely melted! Thumbs upppp!

Omakase Burger definitely lives up to its hype. The total meal costs around $18, which may be on the higher end considering it’s fast food. Rest assured though, the money you pay is definitely the quality you get. The restaurant opens at 5pm for dinner and it’s best to go around the opening time as there is no queue in ordering and having your food cooked. Beepers are given to indicate when your food is ready for collection!

Omakase Burger
The Grandstand
200 Turf Club Rd


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