Omakase: Sushi Ichi @ Scotts Square

Sushi Ichi is a Michelin-starred sushi restaurant hailing from Ginza in Tokyo. It is located within the new Scotts Square, providing an exquisite sushi experience for its customers. There are 5 sushi sets to choose from, starting from $60++.
Omakase at $250/per person was the choice of this meal, consisting of Appetizer, Assorted Sashimi, 2 Assorted Dishes, 10 Sushis, Miso Soup and Desserts. I was seated at the sushi counter (there are 2 in the restaurant) and was served by bubbly and chatty Japanese Chef Ohno!
Chef Ohno and his impressive knife skills!
Starter of King Crab with Jelly & Sakura: Very fresh and delicate crab meat served with minimal ingredients to bring out its true flavours and I wished it was a main dish.
Appetiser: Presentation was wonderful! The clam under the bamboo shoot leaves was delicious and the small onion tempura was really memorable – it was sweet and not pungent at all!
Next, 3 Kinds of Sashimi were served. Wasabi was freshly grated, radish was fresh and fragrant (I wonder what they added) and wakame (seaweed) was CRUNCHY.All of which were accompanied by freshly-flown fish from Japan. Superb!
Horse-Mackeral Sashimi in picture.
Ark Shell Clam Sashimi – My first time trying this and it was really crunchy and smooth!
Fish Liver in Soy Sauce, to be dipped with the Sashimi below!
Forgot the name of this fish. But, it was really interesting to accompany the fresh fish slices with the liver dip and a dash of lime!
Steamed Dish – Steamed Fish with Egg and Uni (Sea Urchin): A very, very fine dish. The fish was just perfect in taste and texture. The entire combination was simply, divine.
Vegetable Tempura: To be honest, I was quite disappointed by this dish as the batter was more chewy than crispy. Maybe this is the authentic way of preparing tempuras?

After the main dishes were served from the kitchen, Chef Ohno subsequently prepared 10 different kinds of sushis in front of us. The ginger was seasoned in-house and sliced on the spot!! I was very much amazed by how thinly-sliced each piece was! This was also the first time I approved of ginger. Also I don’t think the fish get can any fresher at Sushi Ichi, unless you fly to Japan. 😛
DSC08366 DSC08367
Red Snapper Sushi.
Marinated Tuna Sushi.
Otoro Sushi. 
Baby Snapper Sushi.
Fresh tray of Uni!!
Mini Uni, Cod Roe and Sashimi Chirashi.
Miso Soup.
A-type-of-Scallop Sushi.
Ebi Sushi.
Sea Eel Sushi prepared 2-way: 1 with sauce and 1 with sea salt and yuzu flakes.
Tuna & Gourd Maki Rolls.
I thought that the presentation of the desserts left a lot to be desired since all previous dishes have set really high benchmarks! The quality of the desserts are not subpar though. I love the fresh seasonal fruits from Japan and the mint sobert on the right!

Overall, it was a highly pleasant dining experience at Sushi Ichi. The whole meal took 2.5 hours so much patience is required.

Sushi Ichi provides an intimate setting for its customers and I love how Chef Ohno continually engages us, even though he may not be very proficient in English; while delivering top-notch Japanese delicacies. I guess that’s the essence of it – the experience of being transported to Japan. Omakase at Sushi Ichi may not be a daily affair, but it sure left a deep impression in me.

Sushi Ichi
Scotts Square  (next to Hyatt Hotel)
6 Scotts Road, #02-02
Tel: 6299 0014


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