Restaurant Week: Laurent Bernard Chocolatier @ Portsdown

The Portsdown area feels like a mini Dempsey whereby restaurants are found in single-storey houses. A really rustic and peaceful place by night!
I was here for Restaurant Week, where they served dinner set menu at $35 per person, consisting of an appetiser, main and dessert.
The indoor area of the restaurant is rather small, accommodating less than 10 tables.
Cosy interior that provides an intimate and personal touch to it.
Warm bread and butter!
Chilled Zucchini Gratin with Orange & Basil Dressing – This cold appetiser was extremely refreshing! The texture of this dish was very unique; almost spongey – in a nice way, and the diced seasoned tomatoes were delicious. I couldn’t really taste the orange flavour in the dressing though.
Roast Chicken Breast with Mushroom & Rosemary Sauce, “Creamy Potato Gratin” – I’m more for chicken drumsticks but the chicken breast here was really succulent and tender! The portion was really generous but I thought it could do with more gravy! The potato gratin was really yummy too! Imagine layers of thinly-sliced potatoes stacked with cream between them and oven-baked to perfection. NOMZ.
Intense Vanilla & Chocolate – One look and you could tell that this is probably one of the best chocolate cakes in town. Laurent Bernard Chocolatier really lives up to its reputation of creating awesome chocolate desserts! I am a fan of their famous Chocolate Soufflé but this cake was a definite winner too! Very often, chocolate cakes are too rich and you’ll probably get sick of them even before finishing. However, this one here strikes a real good balance of having rich, dark chocolate flavours and a cake that is not overly-dense. I think the thin layer of vanilla sponge is the secret to achieving this balance. 😛

A place I’d recommend to bring your date to! What’s better than some chocolate-loving to end the evening?

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier @ Portsdown
5B Portsdown Rd
Tel: 6475 4182


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