Café Crema @ Garden by the Bay

By night, Gardens by the Bay is less crowded as the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest are closed by 9pm. This cafe is located near the Garden’s Visitor Centre and is one of the few cafes around.
The whole atmosphere of the cafe was very laid-back and you’ll have to order at the counter. Fret not, the dishes are still served right up to your table. 
Tomato Soup
I love the bread. It was served warm and soft, with a slight garlicky kick. The soup however was a tad too diluted.
Vongole PastaI liked their carrots. This must be the first vongole pasta I had with diced carrots! The clams were fresh and the gravy was delicious.

Definitely a reasonably-priced cafe that is worth trying if you’re visiting Gardens by the Bay. Also, they provide picnic baskets and mats! So you can just stock up on their specially packed food, find a grass patch and picnic away! 🙂

Cáfe Crema
Gardens by the Bay
18 Marina Gardens Drive
6604 8826


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