Catalunya @ The Fullerton Pavilion

An extremely classy bar greets you upon entering Catalunya.  
Exquisite dining area below the bar,  inside the dome-shaped pavilion!
As this restaurant serves Spanish cuisine, the meal started off with a number of tapas, some cocktails in between, followed by the mains.
Foie Gras & Eel “Escalibada” ($20) – Love the presentation of the dish! The smoked eel and chilled foie gras was a divine yet foreign combination. The mash-potato look-alike at the side was sweet and tasted like apples! A unique conglomeration of flavours I would say!
Bikini ($20) – These toasts are seriously thin – like bikini strings. Nonetheless, it was really yummy! The taste of truffle was not too overwhelming – adequately perfuming through the cheese and ham. These are some seriously addictive stuff.
Croquetas De Jámon ($15) – The firm and crispy crust encases some mash potato and condiments. Tasted like Japanese croquettes though.
Cod Fritters ($12) – It was mainly flour with a tiny piece of cod in the middle. Love the lemon mayo that accompanied it!
Calamares ($18) – This was served with the same lemon mayo as the Cod Fritters. Spanish fried squids they say, but I don’t taste how different it is from a local squid.
Chorizo Y Estrellados ($18) – A major appetite booster! Absolutely in love with this dish. Chorizo (pork sausages), eggs and potatoes – simple ingredients, mind-blowing execution. The eggs were runny but firm (?!) and were soaked up by the potatoes. I could eat this forever.
From left: Passionfruit Mocktails; Pasian’s Favourite Cocktail ($24); Asian Flora ($20); Green Day ($20)
Again, I love the classy presentation of the drinks! I wouldn’t recommend Green Day unless you’re into bitter stuff. The other 4 are really good though! Now, on to the mains!
Traditional Suckling Pig “Segovian Style” ($135) – This just looks wrong somehow… but I guess that’s the way Spaniards do it! So this will be served right beside your table and the waiter will use a porcelain plate to cut the suckling pig into chunks. The chopping board will then be placed in the middle of your table with an accompanying sauce. Honestly, it tasted really good (think crispy skin and succulent meat) but at the back of your mind, something just bugs you about eating a baby piglet. Food over mind? 😛
Lobster Rice ($80) – The portion is really small for the price; and it’s not even a whole lobster! Yet, this is the most memorable dish of the day. The (half) lobster was char-grilled to perfection and every grain of paella rice was flavour-packed.

An exotic cuisine at one of the most expensive addresses, Catalunya has been in the spotlight since it opened its doors in Singapore. The best ingredients are definitely used in the dishes – which explains the price, but I doubt I’ll visit it again (cos I was told that there are better tapas out there). Love the atmosphere though!

The Fullerton Pavilion
82 Collyer Quay
Tel: 6534 0886


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