Aoki: Omakase @ Shaw Centre

Aoki is a Japanese restaurant under the Les Amis group, which I think speaks a lot of its quality and service. During lunch, Aoki serves bentos in very pretty lacquer boxes. This time, I picked Omakase. In other words, I’m letting the chef decide the dishes he wants to serve me. Pictured above is their Head Chef from Japan! I was thrilled to be seated in front of him as I got to enjoy a culinary performance culminated by years of experience and hard work as I savour my food.

Being seated at the sushi counter provides customers an intimate dining experience.
A refreshing salad to start off the meal!
Freshest cuts of Sashimi for the day includes Otoro!! I love how the wasabi was freshly ground.
Sake Clam Soup – the clam was very fresh and unbelievably sweet which complemented the light broth very well.
Broiled Yellowtail Cheeks with Radish – the cheeks had a lot of bones and very little flesh… but overall it was a very flavourful and delicate dish!
Sweet Potato Tempura – pretty decent; just not phenomenal.
Subsequently, the Head Chef started preparing our sushis! They were supposed to be eaten using your hand. Apparently by using your fingers, instead of chopsticks, the taste of the fish will not be tainted. Very thoughtful! Pictured above is the Tuna sushi!
Followed by Tuna Belly!

Minced Tuna Maki
Cod Roe 
My only complaint for the sushis are that the dosage of wasabi was too heavy for me. After every piece of sushi, I will experience the overpowering after-effects of wasabi, which I absolutely hated. :/
A very delicate preparation of Tamago – they taste almost spongy. I like how it’s served warm.
Last but not least, the desserts were served in a lacquer box – (clockwise from top left) salted caramel ice cream, mochi with soybean powder & sake jelly! The dessert items provided a light and refreshing end to a wonderful meal!

Omakase for lunch at Aoki is priced at $100/pax. One of the more affordable Omakases around, I would definitely recommend Aoki for its high-quality food that is worth the money spent.

1 Scotts Road
Shaw Centre #02-17 (Outside of the building; on the right of Les Amis Restaurant)
Tel: 6333 8015


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