Prive Cafe @ Keppel Bay

I absolutely love cafes with a pretty view and Prive Cafe provides one of the most amazing views in Singapore, be it in the daytime or night. Walking on the boardwalk along the yachts felt very much like a tai-tai experience! 😛

The interior of the cafe is clean and fuss-free, a little nautical-inspired I would say.

Espresso Pancake Stack with Honeycomb ($14) – A very interesting creation! You know it’s a good pancake just by looking at it already! The espresso flavour was distinct and I love how the sweetness of the honeycomb complements the dark chocolate chips. A must-order!!

Eggs Royale ($16) – A pity that one of the yolks wasn’t runny (but both were runny for my mum’s). However, I think that the cafe is very generous with their smoked salmon (for the price) and I quite fancy their Hollandaise sauce!

For a party of two, I would suggest sharing the Eggs Royale if you want to order the Pancake Stack cos the carbs really fill you up! Even though they forgot about our fruit juices, the server was very polite and apologetic. Brownie point there!

Take a stroll outside the cafe after a full meal and I guarantee lots of photo-taking spots! Good food, good view, good pricing; I don’t see why I’m not coming back here again soon 😀

Prive Cafe
Address: 2 Keppel Bay Vista
Tel:  6776 0777
P.S: you can visit to reserve a table & reservation is a must!


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